100 Mill Street Lumberjack N Jill Gin

The Schtick: 100 Mill Street has been one of my favorite gins in the past – an incredibly unique blend of citrus, maple, umami and well, juniper. Some time ago, Peter – the owner of 100 Mill Street – asked if I thought that elevating the proof of gin was good or bad and I encouraged him to consider the madness of something jacked up. Fast forward some time later and this past holiday season, the Limited Edition release of 100 Mill Street was born – a 55% bottling in 375ml releases. Y’all know how much I love small bottling releases of LE, so I was anxious to give this a go!

Disclosure: This sample was provided for review.

Review #1984 | Gin Review #82

Distiller: 100 Mill Street

Bottler: 100 Mill Street

Brand: 100 Mill Street


ABV: 55% ABV

Age: NA

Nose: Pungent citrus, maple, honey, cream and some light berry. The savory elements are a little it restrained here, sharing the spotlight equally with some lemon peel, buttercream, icing, blueberry and maple.

Taste: Rich and thick on the palate. No sign of heat despite the bump, just a rich, syrupy texture on the palate. Pine, cedar, big hint of juniper pair nicely with maple, rising bread, blueberry and lemon. Extraordinarily complex.

Finish: Long finish. Rich once more and powerful. Juniper, citrus, maple, pepper and honey blend for a savory, sweet, enticing endeavor.

Overall: I love it. It’s hard to believe the original Mill Street could get better, but gin at 55% ABV can be a beautiful thing. Here’s to hoping this becomes an annual release.

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Rank: 9

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