1993 LEncantada 24 yr “Lous Pibous #13”

The Schtick: This armagnac is sourced via LEncantada from what is most likely the Lous Pibous Estate in Mauleon, France. Supposedly “the estate is planted exclusively to the special Folle Blanche grape, renowned for its great depth and openness, but very rare due to its susceptibility to disease. Lous Pibous fills exclusively new oak barrels resulting in one of the most opulent and generous styles of Armagnac.” – KLWines

Review #836 | Armagnac Review #28

Distiller: Lous Pibous

Bottler: LEncantada

Brand: LEncantada


ABV: 52.3% ABV

Age: 24 Years

Nose: Rich, syrupy, sweet, honey. Really fruity and sweet. Cherry, blackberry, currants, cranberry. Oak, pepper, tobacco, savory spice.

Taste: Medium mouth feel, syrupy caramel, oak, pepper. Apple pie, currants, blackberry. Heat growing, mild sulfur. Really strong oak presence.

Finish: Long, hot, some heat. Dry, oaky, some pepper. Syrupy fruits, fig and dates. Super rich.

Overall: The nose is sublime. The palate is great. The finish is strong. This is definitely a brandy for bourbon drinkers, though. There is a whole lot of oak, pepper, clove, and tobacco. The syrupy, rich fruits take a backseat to the oak presence here. I like it a whole lot, but with a bit less wood, I think wed be looking at something hardly short of perfect. Nonetheless, though, I really enjoyed this dram.

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Rank: 7

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