2022 Single Barrel Program Barrels

Week 51 – George Remus Single Barrel, Barrel Proof, r/Bourbon Selection

  • ABV: 57.1% ABV 
  • Age:  6 Years
  • Final Mashbill: MGP’s 36% Rye Bourbon Mashbill (60% Corn, 36% Rye, 4% Malted Barley)
  • State of Distillation: Indiana (MGP)
  • Info: Cask Strength, Unfiltered, No Additives, No Coloring
  • Yield:  183 Bottles
  • Labeling: Custom r/Bourbon Labeling 
  • Tasting Notes: High rye or highest rye? This spicy bastard of a barrel combines a fat stack of waffles with rich tobacco and a clove and baking spice bite. Complex and powerful on the nose, waffles and maple syrup are an inviting party and promise of pure dessert. The palate combines this sweetness from the nose with a beautiful blend of baking spice and a touch of better, balancing nicely. Definitely not oaky, dry or bitter, but nice structure. This pour feels like it’s all about the high rye mash and less about the oak and big tannin character. Long finish weaves it all together, with a touch of cherry, honeycomb and a rich, musty tobacco character. Easy sipper and a no contest Old Fashioned king for the holidays that punches heavy neat. 

Week 50 – Found North Single Cask Sauternes Finished Cask Strength r/Bourbon Selection

Many of you know about Found North as they blasted onto the scene over the last 18 months or so. They source whiskey from Canada, and then blend and bottle here in the United States. Hence, the name Found North. But, they have access to a wide range of extra aged stocks. And they are epic in the level of transparency they offer to folks. It’s one of the things I respect most about their operations. 

I’m thrilled that one day their team picked up the phone and asked if I’d want to pick the first single cask going out to a private group. They’d release their first ever single barrel to launch the program, and then I’d get first shot to select from their stocks. I was in. I tasted through the candidate casks, settling on one I just couldn’t get enough of: cask #4:Sauternes wine finish. If you know me, you know how much I love Suaternes. A great Sauternes is the perfect balance of sweetness and body, and it works so well with such a range of whiskeys (10.2 is still one of the best Octomore’s I’ve ever had, Sauternes finished). 

Their base blend is 50% 12yr Rye, 20% 19yr Rye and 30% 21yr Corn. Those stats are no joke. These measurements aren’t the grain bill, they’re the exact volumetric ratios of the volumes of whiskey making up the batch. 12-21yr is a hell of a range, especially for the price. It was blended in 2021 and married until re-casking in 2022.

Found North is killing it, and I’m happy to make this the first of this type of release for r/bourbon. Their stocks have complexity, they’re well blended, they have great  age statements on the docket, and they have the character and quality that I know y’all will love. Paired with a great finishing period in some serious wine casks made this a winner in my books. 12-21yr blend in Sauternes was the winner for me over other fresh char finishes, port, sherry, etc. As a result, our first release is here, and it’s a beaut. Welcome to Found North x r/Bourbon. 

  • ABV: 56.9% ABV 
  • Age:  12-21yr Blend of Whiskeys, finished in Sauternes for 6 Months
  • Final Mashbill: 66% Rye, 30% Corn, 4% Barley
  • State of Distillation: Canada (Alberta)
  • Info: Cask Strength, Unfiltered, No Additives, No Coloring
  • Yield:  205 Bottles
  • Labeling: Custom r/Bourbon Labeling 
  • Tasting Notes: Beautiful rye spice is the first note to greet you, sweet toffee, rich buttery richness, a touch of orange zest, graham cracker and waffle cone sweetness drift in. A punchy orange and pepper note, faint gingerbread, touch of root beer and candied ginger. The palate is rich and sweet, packed with a rich, maple, zesty rye spice that balances cracked pepper, orange bitters, ginger and honey against the sweet sauternes wine notes. Amazing viscosity, it’s rich and viscous, silky texture and layer after layer. Long finish, I notice this is where the components do the most work, with the old old corn and rye drawing out the palate and finish for ages. A faint touch of blackberry, this pour focuses on the toffee and honey sweetness of the Sauternes with a faint touch of almond character, orange peel, rye spice, pepper and honey through and through. Unbelievable richness. 

Week 50 – Blue Note Uncut Barrel Strength r/Bourbon Selection

Blue Note is back! This barrel’s been on a journey, making a few twist and turns but finally ready for each of you. I’m always thrilled at the value on these uncut, ulfiltered Green River sourced bottles distilled in Kentucky. Amazing flavor, great proof, great price. They’re killing it with these releases. Supposedly this barrel is only 4 years old but looking at the color and tasting, I’m not sure I believe them. It’s pure cola. 

  • ABV: 61.5% ABV
  • Age:  4 Years
  • State of Distillation: Kentucky (Green River Distilling)
  • Mashbill: 70% Corn, 21% Rye, 9% Malted Barley
  • Info: No Dilution or Filtering
  • Yield:  180 Bottles
  • Labeling: Custom r/Bourbon Labeling 
  • Tasting Notes: Sometimes I liken these barrels to what I imagine a soda fountain or cola float would be like. They have such a creamy nose and palate that packs together cherry and blackberry, caramelized sugar, honey, cola, barrel char and a fat kick of sweet oak. Punchy on the palate, this high proof single barrel surprises me with cherry cola on steroids, blended with sweet buttercream, a touch of bitters and peppery spice. Long finish, it’s a cherry cola and blackberry cobbler fusion to the finish line. It still blows my mind these can be had for $40.

Week 49 – Backbone Bonesnapper Rye Dickel Distilled Single Barrel, Barrel Proof, Rye S342

  • ABV: 66.1% ABV 
  • Age:  8 Years, 3 Months (Distilled May 2014, Bottled September 2022)
  • State of Distillation: Tennessee (Dickel)
  • Yield:  67 Bottle Short Barrel
  • Labeling: Custom r/Bourbon Labeling 
  • Tasting Notes: It’s been a minute, but the profile is unmistakeable. Creme brulee on the nose, tons of tobacco and rich nougat. Spicy, peppery, citrus snaps at your nose, plenty of oak contained. Not too dry, distinctly absent are herbal notes – it’s all honey, tobacco, cake batter and a touch of orange. Nice development of some barrel char on the nose. Palate is rich and viscous, spicy at first with white pepper and clove slowly giving way to orange, honey and cherry coke. 

Week 49 – Backbone Bonesnapper Rye Dickel Distilled Single Barrel, Barrel Proof, Rye S343

  • ABV: 64.55% ABV
  • Age:  8 Years, 3 Months (Distilled May 2014, Bottled September 2022)
  • State of Distillation: Tennessee (Dickel)
  • Yield:  143 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes: Extremely similar to S342. Leans a touch more into the tea, and maple. Creme brulee on the nose, cherry cola and spicy cracked pepper. Cherry cola, chai and black tea come together for a rich, earthy sweetness and savory character. A touch more oak, a bit less orange. Cake batter, tobacco, rich mustiness and savory barrel char forge on. Syrupy, rich texture on the palate, it’s a tug of war between crazy rich rye and nougat-y dessert. 

Week 49 – Starlight Single Barrel Bordeaux Red Wine Finished Bourbon

  • ABV: 109.4pf 
  • Age:  4 Years Initial Aging, 6 Months in Bordeaux 
  • State of Distillation: Indiana (Starlight)
  • Yield:  112 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes: Beautifully creamy on the nose, sweet cream, vanilla bean, angel food cake, a touch of clove and nutmeg and a touch of blackberry, currant and cherry. On the palate, it’s classic bourbon with a supple texture, chewy and rich. Dangerously drinkable, the proof sneaks up on you, and the Bordeaux red wine peeks through with time on your tongue. Deep, rich blackberry reduction, a touch of slate, rich currant, cherry, blueberry all develops and hang on the back palate. The finish is where this whiskey shines, a blend of creamy sweetness, savory baking pice and a long, drawn out departure filled with blueberry cobbler, dry mild tannin and a syrupy cherry exit. It’s not jammy, or even notably sweet, the fruits have wonderful structure that complement the creamy bourbon sweetness with elegant fruited undertones. 

Week 48 – Dancing Goat 8yr Limousin Rye Heavy Toast Finish #6390

Dancing Goat Distillery Limousin Rye Single Barrel #6390 54.2% - Selected by T8ke & R/Bourbon
  • ABV: 108.4pf
  • Age:  8 Years (6 Years 10 Months initial aging, 14 months Heavy Toast Finish)
  • State of Distillation: Indiana (MGP), Bottled in Wisconsin, USA
  • Yield: 174 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes: Toasty and rich, I’m a big fan of what toast can bring to rye compared to bourbon. The 95/5 MGP rye mashbill is a spicy, herbal forward rye that incorporates maple, tobacco, orange peel and caramel. Paired with the toast, it develops complex marshmallow, black tea, creme brulee and caramelized sugars. Tannin is present and rich, not bitter or drying. Rich palate at barrel proof, with a proof that won’t knock your block off. Complex and balanced, the rye and toast work together for a symphony of sweet and spice. 

Week 48 – Dancing Goat 7yr Limousin Cherry Bitters Finish #8298

Dancing Goat Distillery Limousin Rye Single Barrel #8298 55.6% - Selected by T8ke & R/Bourbon
  • ABV: 111.2pf
  • Age:  7 Years  (6 Years 9 Months initial aging, 3 months Cherry Bitters finish)
  • State of Distillation: Indiana (MGP), Bottled in Wisconsin, USA
  • Yield: 228 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes: I could smell this stuff all day. Cherry cola, caramel candies, Luxardo cherry syrup, a prickle of pepper, then bold tannin, cream and honey. The bitters are cherry forward on the nose, and take a backseat on the palate. Viscous and silky on the palate, this drinks well, rich for 111pf. Cream, caramel candies, buttery biscuits and brown butter on the palate. The cherry bitters peek back out on the finish, bringing cherry cola and cordial candies, rich tobacco funk and a long, winding finish that’s laced with maple, honey and bright cherry character. Despite the name, it’s not bitter or intensely herbal. A perfect arrival as the weather cools in most of the country, and the holidays arrive. 

Week 48 – Rare Character Amburana Finished Rye

  • ABV: 114.68pf
  • Age:  5 Years
  • State of Distillation: Indiana (MGP), Bottled in Kentucky, USA
  • Yield: 216 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes: A cinnabon delight is about the best, succinct, way to describe this particular barrel. Rich and maple forward on the nose, the rye spice takes Amburana’s spice drop and cinnamon nutmeg character wonderfully. Rich and sweet on the palate, it’s Amburana through and through: rich, sticky brown sugar glaze, toffee, maple candies, funky and unique. Long finish, rye showing through with bits of spice to balance the maple and cinnamon bun character through and through. It’s a powerful pour, your glass won’t be the same afterwards until it meets the dishwasher. Fun, unique, intensely drinkable, this is Amburana integrated and balanced at its best. Another great one for cooler nights and a pour by the fire (how I like mine best)


Starlight Maple Finished Bourbon 

  • ABV: 109.8pf
  • Age:  4 Years (4 years initial aging, 6 months maple aging)
  • State of Distillation: Indiana (Starlight), Bottled in Indiana (Starlight)
  • Yield: 123 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes: This bourbon comes to us after a lengthy Maple maturation. Of the barrels I tried that day, this was the best maple in the bunch. It’s sweet – I can’t lie. The maple is clearly present. It’s well integrated, I notice the maple more as a nuance of sweetness rather than viscosity. This pours just as you’d expect a bourbon to. With the Starlight 4 grain bourbon, the bold spice and malt take nicely to the sweet maple, and on the finish, the maple shines most brightly. I love that this barrel is hitting just as winter arrives, because I could see this working in a number of cocktails – just add fruit and bitters if you love a drier cocktail. 

Week 48 – Bulleit 11yr E4 Single Barrel Bourbon “Interstellar Wormhole”

  • ABV: 104pf (proofed to 104 by Bulleit, as all their barrels are)
  • Age:  11 Years
  • State of Distillation: Kentucky (Undisclosed), Bottled by Bulleit
  • Yield: 180 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes: It’s a time capsule in a bottle for me. It brings me back to the Bond Lair-esque tasting room at Bulleit. I love that place. Honey, toffee, praline, a Padron cigar. Light nuttiness, brown butter and a hint of char. With all of the wacky finishes of this week, this barrel is for the purists. No matter what end of the Interstallar universe you’re on, it’s quintessentially on profile for the old school Bulleit’s I wish I could still pick today. Well developed oak comes through on the palate, blends nicely with some waffle cone, light confectioners sugar, a light malt sweetness like cake batter, and a long, peppery finish to balance it all out. 

Week 47 – Old Elk 7yr Single Barrel Wheated Bourbon “Cosmic Wheat: Return To Space” r/Bourbon Single Barrel Selection

  • ABV: 115.3pf 
  • Age:  7 Years
  • State of Distillation: Indiana (MGP), Bottled in Colorado (Old Elk)
  • Yield: 185 Bottles
  • Additional Notes: SharedPour cannot ship to UT, TN, AK, HI, OR, MI
  • Tasting Notes: Rich butter, maple, cream and a touch of cinnamon. The oak tannin works really well, increasing slightly over the 6yr, and balancing extremely well with the sweet, wheat, whiskey notes. Caramel, honey, butter scotch, maple syrup, Werther’s caramels and creme brulee pair with sweet oak, clove, a touch of cinnamon, and a supple, viscous mouthfeel. Long finish, nougat forward, drying with oak and overloaded with sweet butter cream. It’ll make you see stars.

Week 47 – WhistlePig 11yr Single Cask Rye “Ryedration II” r/Bourbon Private Selection

  • ABV: 115.8pf
  • Age:  7 Years
  • State of Distillation: Canada (Alberta Rye), Bottled in Vermont, USA
  • Yield: 158 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes: On profile as Ryedration, this maple, tobacco, spice and pepper bomb is a big, bold rye with sweet, gentle, fruit undertones. While Ryedration leaned plum, I’m getting more blackberry, cherry, orange on Ryedration II. Bold maple, creamy tobacco, funky rye spice, black tea, honey and a light brush of bold tannin.

Week 47 – Starlight Single Barrel Bourbon Foursquare Rum Finish

  • ABV: 108.6pf
  • Age:  4.5 Years
  • State of Distillation: Indiana (Kentucky)
  • Yield: 110 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes: A beautiful blend of maple, vanilla, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and a rich, decadent rum backbone. The viscosity is what I noticed most, even though the proof is sub-110, this had so many layers, so much texture and viscosity, it rests on your palate in a satisfying way. It’s not jammy, or too sweet, or fudge-y, it’s chewy and satisfying, full of bold, old tobacco, a faint banana bread, a brown butter and cinnamon roll filling savory sweetness. The rum adds a ton of depth, giving it a well aged composition without having to be purely oak driven. Some faint papaya, cherry, cocoa, cinnamon and date fruit on the back palate. It’s probably the most complex Starlight I’ve had, never overpowering but never one noted. There’s a lot to work through on each sip. 

Week 46 – Four Roses 10yr6mo OBSO Single Barrel Barrel Proof Private Selection

  • ABV:  57.6% ABV
  • Tier: Tier 2, for the tier chasers among us. Warehouse PN, 29-2E
  • Age:  10 Years, 6 Months Old 
  • State of Distillation: Kentucky (Four Roses)
  • Tasting Notes: Three prominent notes still stick out in my brain from our tasting at Four Roses back in June. It’s all OBSO, all day long. OBSO is Four Roses’ highest rye mashbill (35%) and the O yeast is known for its Rich Fruit characteristics. Cake Batter. Apple Crisp. Burnt Orange on an old fashioned. Unsurprisingly, at ten and a half years old, this barrel has plenty of oak and dry tannin, a rich custardy texture on the palate and miles of apples, cinnamon, rich brown butter and maple sugar. Sweet and bread-y, the cake batter note sums up the sweetness on the nose and how viscous the palate is. The finish finishes like a perfect cocktail, a touch of bitters like angostura and orange oil and reduction, with that high rye Roses bite. I wish all OBSO tasted like this.   

Week 46 – Starlight Double Oaked French Oak Finished Single Barrel Bourbon:

  • Barrel Info: Limited Release Double Oaked Bourbon Whiskey
  • Initial Cask: Bourbon Barrel
  • Double Oaking Cask: Napa Cooper French Oak Finishing Cask
  • ABV:  54.4% ABV
  • Age:  4 Years + 8 Month French Oak Finish
  • State of Distillation: Indiana (Starlight)
  • Tasting Notes: Rich and custardy, full of cream, graham cracker, sweet toffee, faint praline. It pops off with tons of brown sugar and toasted oak on the nose but transitions to a sweet, cocoa driven body full of caramel and graham cracker crust. Long finish, dissipates clean and fresh, with marshmallow, honey and a vanilla bean note. 

Week 46 – NULU 6yr8mo Double Oaked Bourbon

  • ABV:  58.4% ABV
  • Age:  6 Years 8 Months Old (8 Month Finish)
  • State of Distillation: Indiana (MGP)
  • Tasting Notes: If there’s one thing I love, it’s when the oak is just right. Many of you know me, and my aversion to strong, bitter, overoaked expressions. I have my eye closely on the trend of double oaking and I have to admit that despite all the popularity of Woodford and OF1910, I just don’t love them in the way I am drawn to Starlight and NULU’s ability to take a great, mature bourbon and double oak it expertly. This dessert dram is a great balance of sweet and structure, honey, tannin, smores and baking spice. Viscous brown butter, toffee, sweet oak, light pepper and delicious nutmeg pair well with brown sugar and a richness on the palate. Proofed really well, this pour can stand up to a cube or cocktail, and drinks lusciously neat. It’s rare I see a color like this on a bourbon as well. I can’t seem to stay out of it. 

Week 46 – NULU 6yr6mo Toasted Rye “Experimental Rye Series Chapter II”

  • ABV:  57% ABV
  • Age:  6 Years 6 Months Old 
  • State of Distillation: Indiana (MGP)
  • Tasting Notes: This rye is a rollercoaster. Luxardo cherry, clove and rye spice, orange peel and deep, dry oak work wonderfully alongside the spice from the rye. Oak is less noticeable here as notes like sweet cream, 100 Grand Bar, nougat and slowly toasted marshmallow jump forwards. Manhattan game strong. 

Week 46 – NULU 6yr 10mo Double Oaked Rye “Experimental Rye Series Chapter III”

  • ABV:  55.7% ABV
  • Age:  6 Years 10 Months Old (4 Month Finish)
  • State of Distillation: Indiana (MGP)
  • Tasting Notes: The craziest of the experimental series so far is a test to whether MGP’s 95/5 super herbal mashbill can stand up to double oaking, and the answer is a resounding: definitely. When faced with the choice to double oak this longer, I’m glad that I pulled and didn’t go farther, as this is in its prime now. Fat and viscous, the extra oak tames the uber herbal MGP notes, bringing forth cracked pepper, nutmeg, faint mint and dill, and decadent maple and blackberries. I can smell this pour across the room, in a good way. It’s bold, and adds a new facet to MGP rye, one I know folks will be anxious to try. 

Week 45 – The Senator 6yr Single Barrel, Barrel Proof, Rye Whiskey

  • ABV:  59.39% ABV
  • Age:  6 Years 7 Months Old 
  • State of Distillation: Indiana (MGP)
  • Yield: 189 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes: Spicy and rambunctious, this is 95/5 MGP at its height. A sweet approach quickly fades from vanilla bean and custard to powerful tobacco, black tea, black pepper, punchy orange peel and a kick of candied ginger. Rich on the palate, plenty of oak though not dry, intertwined with maple, cocoa and blackberry and cassis. The Senator ryes have come hotly requested for years but after a swing through the sample sets, I now understand. It’s rambunctious and most importantly: all rye. 

Week 45 – Wilderness Trail 4yr10mo Single Barrel, Barrel Proof Rye

  • ABV:  52.63% ABV
  • Age:  4 Years 10 Months
  • State of Distillation: Kentucky (Wilderness Trail)
  • Yield: 216 Bottles
  • Labeling: Custom r/Bourbon Labeling
  • Tasting Notes: Luscious and rich, full of maple, tobacco, rye funk, currant and Luxardo cherries. The nose is decadent and pungent. The palate follows closely behind, combining a viscous mouthfeel with oily texture and notes of sweet tea, honey, cracked pepper, a touch of light dill and cardamom and a fat, maple back palate. I love how viscous and satisfying Wilderness Trail ryes drink, and despite their lower proofs, it’s evident they’re full of flavor thanks to a much lower barrel entry proof than normal. Glazed icing, buttercream and a final kick of spice and oak as the finish whisps away. Manhattan material if I’ve ever tried it. 

Week 44 – Starlight Single Barrel, Barrel Proof Rye Whiskey #18-0012

  • ABV:  56% ABV
  • Age:  4 Years 
  • State of Distillation: Indiana (Starlight)
  • Yield: 210 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes: Beautiful warm baking spice on the nose, paired with orange peel, cherry bounce, caramel and toffee. Herbal and dry at first on the palate, it livens up with warm buttery biscuit, a lush, silky mouthfeel filled with sweet oak, and a long, dry, herbal finish. It’s always strange to me when a rye drinks fruity, but it works so well here, and the malted barley bump adds a lovely complexity that boggles me, just like Chattanooga whiskeys high malt drinks like a dream. Same effect here. Delicious, long finish that deceptively easy to drink, and it shines in a Sazerac. 

Week 44 – Starlight Armagnac Finished Single Barrel Barrel Proof Rye Whiskey #22-2041-1

  • ABV:  56.1% ABV
  • Age:  4.5 Years 
  • State of Distillation: Indiana (Starlight)
  • Yield: 150 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes: If you’ve ever had an Armagnac before, this will check all your boxes. If you haven’t, I’ll break it down. Cola and caramel on the nose, with notes of pepper, herbal spice and a bright, cherry cordial note on the nose. The armagnac finish brings a satisfying viscosity to the palate introducing a dry, fruity, spicy, decadent character to the palate. Notes of caramel, vanilla bean, thick rich stewed fruits, currant and date fruit on the palate, and bold oak. Long finish, driven by spice, tannin, tobacco, old parchment and stewed fruits. I love when Armagnac and Rye come together, and if you enjoyed out 2021 Armagnac finished Bourbon, you’ll love every minute of this barrel. 

Week 44 – Rare Character Single Barrel Barrel Proof Amburana Finished Rye “T8ke x RareBird101”

  • ABV:  57.38% ABV
  • Age:  5 Years 11 Months
  • State of Distillation: Indiana (MGP)
  • Yield: 150 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes: With a flavor profile I can only describe as smoking a Padron cigar in a Cinnabon, this barrel is bold and strikes at first blow. The nose is pungent maple, brown sugar, rich baking spice, spice drops, tobacco, christmas potpourri, funky old musty oak and a pinch of cinnamon. On the palate, it’s another story. Rich and viscous, it drinks with syrupy, rich viscosity, introducing yet again that bizarre but delicious synthesis of spice, funk, “christmas” and whiskey. Fat spice cake, maple, pecan, hazelnut, tobacco, brown sugar and caramelized sugar, the Amburana character is unmistakeable, and oddly enough at odds with the rye spice for a balanced pour. The Amburana bourbon I’ve had in the past have been so spice laden, but also so sweet, it’s hard to drink more than a pour here and there. The rye spice helps keep the Amburana in check, and while it’s all out and full bodied, notes like clove, dill and a touch of cracked pepper make this far easier to sip than any Starlight we’ve released thus far. Finish is long, powerful, complex. It hangs on forever. You’re seriously going to wake up tomorrow and still be thinking about it. It’s Amburana. It’s Rye. It’s t8ke & RareBird and we’ll be back for more. It’s powerful damn whiskey. 

Week 44 – Backbone 7yr Single Barrel Barrel Proof Bourbon 

  • ABV:  55.8% ABV
  • Age:  7 Years, 1 Month
  • State of Distillation: Indiana (MGP)
  • Yield: 169 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes: I don’t know what deal Backbone made with the devil years back, but their ability to get killer casks from both MGP and Dickel have consistently impressed me. This pour opens with pepper and sweet cream, caramel candies and a warm, brown butter note. Sweet oak, faint touch of pipe tobacco. The palate is rich and dessert driven, melding brown butter, toffee, nougat and a light tough of pipe tobacco with light espresso, cracked pepper, cherry cola and a long, powerful, dry finish that’s all sweet oak. Bravo to Backbone. 

Week 43 – Ezra Brooks (High Rye Bourbon) Cask Strength Limited Edition r/Bourbon Single Barrel Selection

  • ABV:  60% ABV
  • Age:  4 Years 9 Months (Distilled Nov 2017, Bottled August 2022)
  • State of Distillation: Kentucky (Heaven Hill)
  • Bottled By: Lux Row (Kentucky)
  • Yield: 204 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes: Rich and spicy, this barrel is a caramel sundae through and through. Rich, sweet vanilla on the nose gives way to creme brulee, rich butterscotch, light barrel char and a touch of caramelized sugar. Rich on the palate, a bit oakier and drier than our Rebel this week. Viscous on the palate: baking spice, clove, praline and warm apple butter burst forth. Long finish, I’m always impressed at the complexity on these Ezras. This barrel comes from the last batch of Heaven Hill distillate in their barrel program, and a fitting send off for our 2022 selections from Lux Row. 

Week 43 – Rebel (Wheated Bourbon) Cask Strength Limited Edition r/Bourbon Single Barrel Selection

  • ABV:  60% ABV
  • Age:  4 Years, 10 Months (Distilled Oct 2017, Bottled August 2022)
  • State of Distillation: Kentucky (Heaven Hill)
  • Bottled By: Lux Row (Kentucky)
  • Yield: 153 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes: Sweet and spicy, this barrel screams wheater through and through. Warm bread, sweet sweet honey, spicy cinnamon candies and a butter frosting nose make the wheat content known for sure. On the palate it’s rich and silky, great texture that develops the sweetness nicely. Less tannic than the Ezra, its a sweet tooth delight and a spicy red hot finish. Light on heat, but if you’ve had a vibrant wheater before, you know all about the cinnamon undertones that often develop with the supple sweetness.  This barrel comes from the last batch of Heaven Hill distillate in their barrel program, and a fitting send off for our 2022 selections from Lux Row. 

Week 43 – Sagamore Spirit 7yr Rye r/Bourbon Single Barrel Selection

  • Age:  7 Years
  • ABV: 55% ABV
  • State of Distillation: Indiana Blend of Mashbills (MGP)
  • Yield: 204 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes: Sagamore is a favorite of mine: a perfect combination of flavor, age and affordability. This single barrel is no different, delivering plenty of maple, a touch of cola sweetness and a rich herbal backbone. It isn’t dilly like MGP, Sagamore delivers a great, herbal character on the palate: black tea, sandalwood, orange zest, a pinch of ango bitters. This pairs well with the middling tannins – there’s plenty of oak without it drinking dry or tannic. Long finish, filled with brown sugar, orange peel, a light touch of blackberry and a faint, subtle prickle of peppercorn. 

Week 42 – Barrell Z5H2 99% Corn Bourbon 8yr Single Barrel, Barrel Proof Selection

  • ABV:  56.15% ABV
  • Age:  8 Years 
  • State of Distillation: Indiana (MGP)
  • Yield: 155 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes: It’s corn, baby! Rich on the nose with layers and layers of sweet honey, creme brulee, toffee, blossoming fruit sweetness and a touch of grain. Not young, youthful grain, but a mature, creamed corn character. That felt as strange to type as it it was to read, I promise you. Syrupy and viscous texture on the palate, the ethanol is placed just right and gives this pour body and layers for days, weaving together fresh clover honey, buttered biscuits, toffee and a sweet, complementary oak structure. Long finish, packed with sweet confectioners sugar, light pepper, a touch of clove and oak and a cobalicious creme brulee note to see things through.

Week 42 – Rare Character PX Sherry Casked Bourbon Single Barrel, Barrel Proof Selection

  • ABV:  53.4% ABV
  • Age:  5 Years Oak, 6 Months PX Sherry Cask Finish
  • State of Distillation: Indiana (MGP) 
  • Yield: 212 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes: This pour couldn’t be more different than our other release this week, as it brings bold, oaky, complex, baking spice driven bourbon together with a jammy, nutty sherry that ends dry and mouth watering. Nose is rich with baking spice, maple and cocoa and leads nicely into a rich and silky palate. First you get maple, vanilla bean sweetness and those lovely, classic caramel and cinnamon notes from the bourbon. After a moment, you notice fig, a touch of cherry, dry and funky tobacco sweetness seep in like a wonderful cigar. Faint nuttiness in the form of sweet sherry notes pops up here and there, but a sherry bomb or a teeth rotting sugar dish this is not. Long finish with a perfect balance of rich, sweet, oak from the bourbon and a satisfyingly eternal touch of wine, tobacco, cherry cordial, stewed fruits and sherry on the way out. This pour is a love letter to nuance, layers, complexity and sitting down with a pour worth thinking hard about. A patio pounder it is not, so it’s perfect as the cool notes of Fall arrive and I want to sit down with something rich and complex to dig through. I know you will too. 

Week 41 – Backbone 7yr Bone Snapper Single Barrel, Barrel Proof, r/Bourbon Selection Rye

  • ABV:  121.6pf | 60.8% ABV
  • Age:  7 Years 7 Months 
  • State of Distillation: Indiana (MGP)
  • Yield: 175 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes: These guys definitely pick on a profile and I love it. Fresh rye bread on the nose wakes up with a pound of maple sweetness and some faint dill and cracked pepper. Sweet custard, light herbacious mint and a touch of caramel candies. On the palate, it’s bold and rich. Viscous and velvety texture, satisfying and enticing. Sweet buttercream and maple give way to bold, raw rye spice. Tons of cracked pepper, a touch of orange zest, some candied ginger, light angostura note and a long finish that dishes up some dry oak, sweet brown sugar and another hit of zesty, ginger forward rye. Lovely. Neat drinker for sure but if you try this in a cocktail I wanna hear about it, stat. 

Week 40 – New Riff Single Barrel, Barrel Proof, Bourbon #11586 “Crowd Goes Wild”

  • ABV:  51.5% ABV
  • Age:  4 Years 
  • State of Distillation: Kentucky (New Riff)
  • Yield: 216 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes: The quintessential riff, this barrel had it all. Bold brown sugar, sweet oak. a touch of clove and loads of pleasant spice. The nose presents a spread of fresh biscuits, honey and a touch of butterscotch while the palate has a satisfying viscosity and tons of caramel and spice. While 2021’s releases leaned very heavy into funky tobacco and pound cake notes, this strays back into a more classic bourbon profile with oak present but not overbearing. The ethanol stays tame despite the rich palate and lends to a long, vanilla bean, toffee finish. I’m not surprised it took the heavy majority by storm. 

Week 40 – New Riff Single Barrel, Barrel Proof, Bourbon #11612 “Call It Fay-te”

  • ABV:  52% ABV
  • Age:  4 Years 
  • State of Distillation: Kentucky (New Riff)
  • Yield: 216 Bottles
  • Labeling: Custom r/Bourbon Labeling (pictures in tomorrows email)
  • Tasting Notes: For the off profile Riff fans, this is your Rocky. A punchy nose full of fruit, berries, creme brulee and a fresh crack of Cherry Coke (the beverage) spritz across your olfactory. Spicy palate presents a touch more ethanol, with the reward of more striking oak, clove, cinnamon, chocolate covered cherries and a supple creme brulee finish. It’s poppin’. 

Week 40 – Bull Run 14yr Single Barrel, Barrel Proof, American Whiskey Pinot Noir Wine Finish

  • ABV:  123.12pf 
  • Age:  14 Years in Oak, 1 more year in Wine Cask
  • State of Distillation: Indiana (MGP)
  • Yield: 276 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes: Pancake syrup and jammy berries is the name of the game here. Rich and powerful sweetness on the nose gives way to a palate with extraordinary texture. Rich and syrupy, the ethanol is well hidden by an unreasonably fat stack of caramel, maple, syrup and cornucopia of fruits like blackberry, currant, faint cherry and big marionberry notes. Plenty of oak on the finish makes this a dangerously easy sipper with the complexity to keep whiskey fans of all shapes engaged. 

Week 40 -Bull Run 14yr Single Barrel, Barrel Proof, American Whiskey Cabernet Wine Finish

  • ABV:  125.78pf 
  • Age:  14 Years in Oak, 14 more months in Wine Cask
  • State of Distillation: Indiana (MGP)
  • Yield: 276 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes: A richer version of the above, the combination of more time in the barrel and cabernet develops the more savory combination of whiskey, barrel and fruit for this Bull Run. Thick and rich on the palate, blackberry and black currant combine elegantly with werther’s, maple, toffee and pleasant oak while providing some balancing, tannic dryness and an impressively long finish. 

Week 40 – 1792 Full Proof r/Bourbon Single Barrel Bourbon

  • ABV:  125pf 
  • Age:  8 Years
  • State of Distillation: Kentucky (Barton / 1792_
  • Yield: 146 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes: Turtle candies is all I could think of sipping this barrel. It’s cocoa, caramel and a touch of pecan. Like Rolos. Rich on the nose with a moderate palate in terms of viscosity. A prickle of spice sets the stage for cocoa, faint orange and cherry, some light savory tobacco and leather and a long, brown sugar and sweet oak finish. Full proof, full flavor. 

Week 39 – Off Hours 6yr Single Barrel Bourbon “52,560 Hours” r/Bourbon Selection 

  • ABV:  52.3% ABV
  • Age:  6 Years 
  • State of Distillation: Indiana (MGP Distillery)
  • Yield: 180 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes: The difference a year can make is significant. This barrel embodies all of the classic MGP notes I enjoy with a dash of zip on the finish. Brown sugar, caramel corn, French vanilla and a touch of oak greet you on the nose. On the palate, it has medium viscosity, with a silky texture, nicely layered. The proof is well placed, no ethanol presence. Apple crisp, a touch of cinnamon, big werther’s caramel note and the icing and savory richness of a warm cinnamon roll. Long finish, there’s some developing oak here that’s drying and balances a sweet palate nicely. It’s no oak bomb, and it drinks easy and balanced. 

Week 39 – Dickel 15yr Single Barrel Bourbon 

  • ABV:  50.6% ABV
  • Age:  “15 Years Old” (2004 -> 2022)
  • State of Distillation: Tennessee (Dickel)
  • Yield: 60
  • Tasting Notes: Oaky and fruit driven, this is Dickel at it’s core, dialed up to its max. With an ABV just north of 50%, there’s character coming from every direction. The nose is barrel char, honey, bright lavender and a touch of lemon, orange peel and ginger. The palate gives way to hefty tannins, balanced by clove, maple and a touch of nougat. There’s no hiding the Dickel tannin and minerality here, you’re going to want to be a Dickel lover to take a crack at this one because it’s Dickel Level 11. Long finish, loaded with spice, orange, minerality and slate, cinnamon and butter cream with a delightful sweetness that hangs on for ages. 

Week 39 – Penelope r/Bourbon Blend Series: Part IV – Tokaji Finished Bourbon 

  • ABV:  56.5% 
  • Age:  Blend of 4+5 Year Bourbon, Finished for 9 months in Tokaji
  • State of Distillation: Indiana (MGP)
  • Yield: 240 Bottles
  • Retailer: Seelbach’s 
  • Tasting Notes: The sweetness from the original blend: brown sugar, vanilla bean, nutmeg and sweet oak work nicely in conjunction with pepper and tannin before the Tokaji seeps in. On the nose, the wine influence is a touch muted, it’s present but not jammy, syrupy or overbearing. On the palate, the viscosity leads the way. It’s rich and carries a really satisfying weight on the palate. Sweet fig, orange peel, honey and candied pear come forward from the time in Tokaji, Impressively long finish pairing caramel, nougat and graham cracker from the bourbon with sweet wine and great texture from the wine. It’s fascinating how long the finish hangs on with this barrel, and there’s a touch of baking spice to see it off. 

Week 39 – Barrell Private Release Whiskey r/Bourbon Ratafia Champagne Finish 

  • ABV: 61.91% ABV
  • Age:  NAS (Blend of 14-18yr KY and IN Whiskey)
  • State of Distillation: KY, IN
  • Yield: 189
  • Tasting Notes: Beautifully rich and barrel driven, this whiskey benefits from tons of barrel influence, both in standard aging cooperage, and then from the Ratafia influence. Sweet and caramel forward on the nose, there’s light tannin, strong oak influence and plenty of pepper and clove to balance a light, syrupy richness full of honey, red fruits and sweet cream. Palate is rich and carries some impressive viscosity. Proof is an afterthought, hiding behind rich flavor. Long finish incorporating notes of fig, plum, honey, bold tiramisu and pralines, tobacco and a rich, poundcake note. I could sip it in an orchard or by the fire any day. 

Week 38 – Starlight Single Barrel “Cigar Batch” Amburana Finished Bourbon (Third Fill)

  • ABV:  56.2% ABV
  • Age:  4.5 Years
  • State of Distillation: Indiana (Starlight Distillery)
  • Tasting Notes: Big bold, and sweet. Root beer candies meets vanilla custard, toffee and a touch of pepper. The Amburana is unmistakeable, providing black tea, cinnamon, spice drops, funky maple and ango bitters. It’s dialed back a bit, integrated more closely with the tannins and bourbon sweetness, for a much more approachable look into the world of experimental wood aging. 

Week 38 – Ezra Brooks Single Barrel Cask Strength r/Bourbon Single Barrel Bourbon 

  • ABV:  60% ABV
  • Age:  4.5 Years (Distilled 11/21/2017, Bottled August 2022)
  • Mashbill: 78% Corn, 10% Rye, 12% Malted Barley
  • State of Distillation: Kentucky (Lux Row)
  • Yield: 201
  • Tasting Notes: Oakier than our Rebel picks, I like how these Ezra barrels show. A good balance of tannin, spice and sweet. Light on fruit, so fans of a more classical bourbon profile will be right at home and pleased. Custard, toffee, some light, sweet oak and light spice greet you on the nose. Palate is rich, with a super solid 60% ABV bringing plenty of viscosity. On the palate it’s full of caramel, toffee, honey, a little bit of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove with some satisfying oak holding the balance. The finish is long and sweet, focusing mostly on vanilla bean, nougat, balanced gently by some baking spice and clove to see it through. 

Week 38 – Belle of Bedford 10yr Single Barrel Barrel Proof Rye r/Bourbon Selection 

  • ABV:  57%
  • Age:  10 Years
  • Mashbill: 95% Rye
  • State of Distillation: Indiana (MGP)
  • Yield: 186 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes: This one goes out to the spicelords and the dill fans. If you were hoping that our first Belle had more dill, or that MGP rye in general held on to its herbal roots and powerful dill character, then this is your guy. It’s herbal, sweet, full of dill and spice. Oak is present but not overwhelming, helps balance the spice, savory dill and the maple sweetness and creamy character. I love this barrel.  

Week 37 – Nashville Barrel Company 6yr Single Barrel Bourbon Selection 

  • ABV:  62.15% ABV
  • Age:  6 Years
  • Mashbill: 21% Rye MGB Bourbon
  • State of Distillation: Indiana
  • Yield: 96 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes: This single barrel bourbon is a 6yr 21% rye mashbill bourbon featuring maturation in Kelvin cooperage barrels. Fans of our 2022 bourbon releases from NBC will be right at home as this rich, savory, bourbon hits many of the same notes that made our previous picks great. Marshmallow, toffee and bold baking spice and honey persist while an extra layer of oak joins the fun. Long, cola finish with plenty of tannin and a touch of Red Vine licorice. Selected and blended on premise at NBC in Nashville, TN. 

Week 37 – Nashville Barrel Company 6yr 5-Barrel Bourbon Blend 

  • ABV:  56.80% ABV
  • Age:  6 Years
  • Mashbill: 66% using 21% Rye MGB Bourbon, 33% using 36% Rye MGP Bourbon
  • State of Distillation: Indiana
  • Yield: 540 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes: A blend of three barrels, this blind creation features a unique twist. After several hours of blending and batch testing the winning blend was revealed to contain one barrel of each of NBC’s house profiles. Combining a 6yr 21% rye mashbill bourbon in ISC, a  6yr 21% rye mashbill bourbon in Kelvin  and a 6yr 36% rye mashbill bourbon in ISC barrels. This blend features notes of cherry cola, blackberry reduction, spicy rye and clove, a long, oaky finish and sweet cream throughout. Selected on premise at NBC in Nashville, TN. 

Week 37 – Nashville Barrel Company 9yr Single Barrel Rye Selection 

  • ABV:  61.17% ABV
  • Age:  9 Years 9 Months
  • Mashbill: 95/5 Rye MGB Mashbill
  • State of Distillation: Indiana
  • Yield: 156 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes:  Last but not least, this single barrel rye was in a league of its own. 9 years and 9 months old, it’s packed with bold baking spice, blackberry jam, a touch of anise, rich brown sugar and sweet oak. Funky old tobacco continues to shine in this 95% rye mashbill rye. Selected on premise at NBC in Nashville, TN. 

Week 37 – Pinhook r/Bourbon True Small Batch Private Blend 

  • ABV:  59.4% ABV
  • Age: NAS (three 5yr barrels, two 4 year barrels)
  • State of Distillation: Kentucky (Castle & Key)
  • Price: $64.99
  • Yield: 1050 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes:  Fans of last years release know how much peach cobbler came through in our inaugural Pinhook blend. I’m happy to say that while this year’s release is bigger and older, there’s still some nostalgic peach, ice cream and cobbler character here as well. Blending sweet tea, bold baking spice, honey, peach cobbler and a dash of oak, our 2022 Pinhook Blend is here. Blended from 5 barrels, the initial intent was to only include 5yr barrels. That said, once we got to tasting, there were a slew of 5yr barrels I didn’t love, and several 4yr barrels I thought drank much better instead. It was a tough decision, but I’m committed to quality over a stat check on paper, and once we started working with the pair of younger standout barrels, the blend quality went up substantially, and on to best every other blend of the day. Just a touch shy of 60% ABV at 59.4, this release drinks viscous and silky on the palate, and I love the tea notes, peach notes, rich baking spice notes and the touch of fruit and vanilla bean on the finish with a dash of caramelized sugar to see it off.
  • Additional Info: The art for this year is Golden Yellow as you can see above, and just like last year’s, it also comes with a commemorative information card that lays out the barrels and their info included, the tasting notes, and more. 

Week 37 – Dickel 9yr Single Barrel Bourbon Selection 

  • ABV: 48.2% ABV
  • Age: 9 Years
  • State of Distillation: Tennessee
  • Yield: 151 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes:  Fans of Dickel, rejoice! Dickel haters, go away! This is Dickel bourbon whiskey, bottled by Dickel in Tennessee. The first of several barrels we have rolling out, this 9yr selection is everything I love about the Dickel profile. Muddled orange, dark cherry, rich minerality and caramel combine for a sweet pour that has just enough oak, but not too much. The nose unlocks tons of fruit, bright butterscotch and some black pepper, while the palate is a fruit basket from start to finish with undertones of sweet oak, clove and that trademark Dickel minerality.

Week 36 – Rebel Single Barrel Cask Strength Limited Edition 

  • ABV:  60% ABV
  • Age:  4 Years
  • Mashbill: 68% Corn, 20% Wheat, 12% Malted Barley
  • State of Distillation: Kentucky
  • Yield: 237 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes: Sweet butter cream on the nose gives way to toffee, a touch of butterscotch, and sweet wheater notes like waffle cone, vanilla bean, a touch of light cinnamon and big baking spice. Rich on the palate, lighter on the tannins, this reminds me of graham cracker sweetness and a big dollop of vanilla ice cream and a touch of light orange and cherry. Long finish, silky texture on the palate, and a satisfying combo of caramel, honey and a dash of spice on the back palate.  

Week 36 – 1792 Full Proof Single Barrel  

  • Age:  8 Years 
  • Distilled: January 9th, 2014
  • Bottled: May 2022
  • Warehouse: Warehouse I, 6th Floor, 21st Rick
  • Tasting Proof: 132.5pf (bottled at 125pf)
  • Yield: 171 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes: Brash and bright, this Full Proof was the driest of the four we selected. Char and cocoa on the nose couples with faint bananas foster, caramel and a light touch of rye bread. Rich on the palate, I’m satisfied with proofing here. It was hot for 132 undiluted but brought to proof, this pour transforms nicely to caramel candies, cocoa, a faint touch of cherry and plum, with a long, dry finish filled with cola, caramel and some cocoa. 

Week 35 – Barrell Bourbon Single Barrel, Barrel Proof 8yr Bourbon r/Bourbon Selection

  • ABV:  54.49% ABV
  • Age:  8 Years
  • State of Distillation: Indiana 
  • Yield: 201 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes: Sweet up front, with toffee, honey, light baked oats and caramel apple. Sweet on the nose; I said sweet twice and I mean it. Like sticky toffee pudding, a light undertone of clove and honey. On the palate, it’s rich, viscous, syrupy and silky on the palate. At just a touch over 54%, it has plenty of body and texture on the palate without raiding your sinuses like some much higher proof whiskey will do. Creme brulee, sweet oak, a touch of butter cream, clover honey, light cola and a faint touch of fruit like plum and cherry on the back palate. Long finish, oak peeks through here or there, but it’s not a powerful, oaky, dry finish. Dessert carries through with that beautiful texture on the finish, sweet and wisps away nicely. I haven’t tried this in a cocktail. I might never. It’s just too good neat. 

Week 35 – Yellowstone Single Barrel Bourbon Selection, 115pf, “Berbcoin”

  • ABV:  57.5% ABV
  • Age:  4 Years
  • Yield: 213 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes: Toffee drives this train to the station at first smell, with a fat pile of fruit, honey and a touch of oak to the station right behind it. I love the fruity element that Yellowstone often has, it’s not estery and spirit forward like a young whiskey might show off, instead it’s well integrated with toffee, brown sugar, a light kiss of oak, plenty of baking spice and a crackle of pepper on the finish. A lovely orange peel note develops, candied ginger, sweet butter cream and a long, cherry cocoa finish. These aren’t heavy oak bombs, but I really find them to be satisfying and a fairly complex pour. At 115pf, this is the perfect old fashioned whiskey as the evening’s get just a touch cooler, and a great complement to Berbcoin Lite, released in the heat of summer. 

Week 35 – Heaven’s Door Single Barrel, Barrel Strength, Bourbon Whiskey #21601

  • ABV:  125.7pf
  • Age:  4 Years 7 Months
  • State of Distillation: Tennessee
  • Distillery: Tennessee Distilling Group 
  • Mashbill: 70/22/8 Corn | Rye | Malted Barley
  • Yield: 157 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes: Graham cracker and waffle cone on the nose, this Tennessee bourbon shows just what we can expect from TDG over the coming years. Rich, buttery, a blend of savory and sweet, oak sits in the middle of the spectrum with some honeyed sweetness. Blind, I’d have expected some wheat in the mashbill given the buttery character, some caramel sweetness and a touch of spice and cinnamon. The rye catches up on the back palate and the finish, bringing some extra complexity, a touch of oak and a dash of balancing spice. It reminds me of the Ezra Brooks 7yr barrel proof the more I sip. 

Week 35 – Heaven’s Door Single Barrel, Barrel Strength, Bourbon Whiskey #21576

  • ABV:  121.4pf
  • Age:  4 Years 7 Months
  • State of Distillation: Tennessee
  • Distillery: Tennessee Distilling Group 
  • Mashbill: 70/22/8 Corn | Rye | Malted Barley
  • Yield: 141 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes: Sometimes I pick duets of barrels because they’re wildly different from each other. Other times, I pick them together because they’re more of a great thing. This #21576 is very much the latter. The waffle cone character persists, a touch more spice and lovely honey form the key character of this bottling. Reminds me if Chattanooga threw a dash of rye spice into their 111 and dialed it up a bit. Either way, I really enjoy the viscous palate, long, rich, savory finish and the complexity of waffle cone, toffee, and dash of clove and cinnamon tucked in together. This bottling feels a tough oakier than 21601, but they’re pretty close all things considered. 

Week 34 – NULU Copper & Kings Brandy Cask Finished Bourbon

  • ABV:  59.4% ABV
  • Age:  7 years, followed by 7 months grape brandy finish
  • Yield: 202 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes: Bold and rich on the nose, it’s a pile of toffee, baking spice, light jammy fruits and sweet funky tobacco. Viscous on the palate, the proof will definitely sneak up on you at nearly 60%. Belgian waffle, fresh cracked pepper, fudgy, nougat forward sweetness. The finish brings the oak, balancing the dessert character and leading to a long, satisfyingly dry finish. The grape brandy adds a new facet to the MGP backbone that’s quickly become one of my favorite pours of the season, especially with fall right on our doorstep.   

Week 34 – Stellum Single Barrel Bourbon Leo K6

  • ABV:  57% ABV
  • Age:  6 Years
  • Yield: 213 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes: Spicy and feisty at first, you’d never know this was the 21% mashbill on the nose. Sesame crackers, pepper, a touch of maple and a zesty, clove kick open up the poor. On the palate, it shifts to a sweeter, easy sipper. Maple forward with a creamy texture on the palate, some caramelized sugars, creme brulee, honey and a light touch of cherry develop. Long finish, blending sweet and spicy for a complex pour. 

Week 34 – Old Elk 7yr Single Barrel Bourbon 

  • ABV:  55.8% ABV
  • Age:  7 Years
  • Yield: 201 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes: This guy is a fat stack of oak and pancakes all day long. Warm, buttery, pancake batter melds with maple syrup, a touch of cinnamon, light plum sweetness and a strong streak of oak. Light on bitter tannins, it’s viscous on the palate, drying on the back palate and helps keep the sweet elements on their toes. Toffee, tobacco, a touch of pepper and orange zest on the finish makes this dangerously sippable liquid brunch a hit. 

Week 33 – Old Forester Single Barrel, Barrel Proof r/Bourbon Selection 

  • ABV:  64.35% ABV
  • Age:  NAS
  • Yield: 192 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes: Banana cream pie, cherry cordial, creme brulee, tons of barrel char and an impressive presence on the nose. Bold and rich on the palate, this trends a touch fruitier than past selections with no shortage of banana bread, juicy red cherry, cocoa, waffle cone, sweet nougat and a viscous mouth feel. Long finish, syrupy and concentrated, heavy on cherry pie and graham cracker crust. 

Week 33 – 1792 Full Proof “1792 Below Zero” Single Barrel Selection 

  • Age:  8 Years 
  • Distilled: March 20th, 2014
  • Bottled: May 2022
  • Warehouse: Warehouse 33, 6th Floor, 38th Rick
  • Tasting Proof: 131.1pf (bottled at 125pf)
  • Yield: 162 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes:  An all-day waffle sundae, this single barrel reminds me of all the things I like best about Barton. From the rich waffle batter, to the brown butter, toffee and vanilla bean notes, this has a bit more oak than I was expecting and none of the fruit of our first Full Proof barrel. Drizzle of butterscotch, a satisfying and syrupy texture on the palate and a long, sweet finish make this a no brainer for the sweet tooth’s among us. 

Week 33 – Dancing Goat 9yr High Rye Bourbon r/Bourbon Barrel Proof Single Barrel Selection #4262 

  • Age:  9 Years (Will be labeled an 8yr since DG didn’t yet have those labels in stock when these were bottled)
  • Mashbill: 75% Corn, 21% Rye, 4% Malted Barley
  • Distiller: MGP (Indiana)
  • Barrel: 4262
  • ABV: 117.6pf
  • Price: $65
  • Yield: 162 Bottles
  • Retailer: Seelbach’s
  • Tasting Notes:  Lacking the cherry of our first 9yr single barrel selection, this barrel goes nearly hand in hand with the other retailing at the same time. Intensely focused on maple, brown butter, toffee, baking spices and a savory, sweet oak note, this is the quintessential “big” bourbon for old-school MGP lovers. A touch of heat on the finish blends satisfying with a touch of cola, honey, and some caramel candies. 

Week 33 – Dancing Goat 9yr High Rye Bourbon r/Bourbon Barrel Proof Single Barrel Selection #4264 

  • Age:  9 Years (Will be labeled an 8yr since DG didn’t yet have those labels in stock when these were bottled)
  • Mashbill: 75% Corn, 21% Rye, 4% Malted Barley
  • Distiller: MGP (Indiana)
  • Barrel: 4264
  • ABV: 117.3pf
  • Yield: 144 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes:  Caramel, honey, baking spice, graham cracker crumbles and a touch of Wether’s caramels. Extremely similar to #4262 and entirely too good to leave behind. Bold and viscous on the palate, satisfying dryness on the palate and a long, oaky finish. Cola, cream, caramel and cocoa make this a delicious, easy sippler that brings me back to the early days of MGP. 

Week 33 – Dancing Goat 9yr Malted Bourbon r/Bourbon Barrel Proof Single Barrel Selection #4215 

  • Age:  9 Years (Will be labeled an 8yr since DG didn’t yet have those labels in stock when these were bottled)
  • Mashbill: 51% Corn, 49% Malted Barley
  • Distiller: MGP (Indiana)
  • Barrel: 4215
  • ABV: 115.4pf
  • Yield: 114 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes:  A painfully short barrel. Featuring an experimental mashbill from MGP, this release blends the perceived complexity and bold, dessert flavors of malt with the sweet, complex and easy sipper of the corn. This is what I hope Chattanooga tastes like when it hits 9 years old, but who knows how long it will take us to see that day come to fruition. Sweet and inviting on the nose, honey, toffee, fresh baked pastries and a buttery, flaky, crust fresh baked croissant note. Honey soon gives way to more savory caramel, some funky tobacco, bold maple, rich oak and a bold, richness that I love. Easily the most viscous of the three despite having the lowest proof, this is an experiment gone right, and one I’m glad DG bottled so I could select it. 

Week 33 – Taconic Single Barrel Bourbon Spanish Port Finished Selection “The Ported Paragon” 

  • Age:  5 Years (4yy6mo initial maturation in ISC Char 3, 6mo finish)
  • Mashbill: 70% Corn, 25% Rye, 5% Malted Barley
  • Distiller: Taconic (New York State, distilled at Taconic)
  • ABV: 115pf
  • Yield: 168 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes:  Bold brown sugar and caramelized sugar sweetness meet rich baking spice and clove. Jammy undertones are immediately apparent, splitting staff with the addition of a touch of pepper and funky spice. Currant, blackberry, a touch of cherry and cocoa mix nicely for a complex, palate first whiskey. The proof on these always brings such a satisfying viscosity on the palate and a long, barrel driven finish. 

Week 33 – Taconic Single Barrel Bourbon Japanese Mizunara Finished Selection “The Mythical Mizunara” 

  • Age:  5 Years (4yy6mo initial maturation in ISC Char 3, 6mo finish)
  • Mashbill: 70% Corn, 25% Rye, 5% Malted Barley
  • Distiller: Taconic (New York State, distilled at Taconic)
  • ABV: 107pf
  • Yield: 168 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes:  There’s no secret how fascinating and intriguing Mizunara can be. From its debut on the whiskey scene back in 2020, it reached really interesting level of hype that seemed to vanish when Mizunara barrels were revealed to be some of whiskeys most troubling finishing casks. Expensive, difficult to work with and prone to leaks, it’s no secret many producers didn’t find them to be the cash cow they hoped, especially after a leak sprung precious whiskey all over the warehouse. Taconic stuck through the issues, and have delivered a select few Mizu releases to marked. Bold black tea, sandalwood, pepper and a touch of cedar join Taconic’s big, bold, malty base bourbon that picks up great tannin and complexity during initial maturation. The Mizunara is distinct, but not overbearing; nuanced but never overshadowed. 

Week 32 – Breckenridge r/Bourbon Blend Selection “Delta Blend” 

  • ABV:  43% ABV
  • Age:  NAS
  • Price: $52
  • Yield: 250 Bottles
  • Retailer: Greens Farms Spirits
  • Tasting Notes: Sweet and easy, the team at Breckenridge has managed to combine pleasant tannin, sweet butter cream and spiced apple pie with vanilla bean ice cream. Easy to sip, this is the perfect bourbon for the humid evenings of summer. I’m typically team no-ice but really enjoy this one on a large cube as I’m watching some deck work come together (from a distance) each evening. If you enjoy sweeter bourbon with a touch of oak and plenty of complexity on the finish, this is for you. It won’t rip your head off, and that’s entirely the point. 

Week 32 -Pursuit Spirits Finger Lakes Distilling 5yr Rye r/Bourbon Single Barrel Selection

It’s also got a fun, r/Bourbon and Reddit themed sticker on this one. 

  • ABV:  51% ABV
  • Age:  5 Years
  • Yield: 174 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes / Show Notes: A pungent, fruit explosion: currants, berries, maple and funky rye notes unite for one hell of a pour.

Week 32 – NULU 6.5yr Single Barrel, Barrel Proof Rye 

  • ABV:  57% ABV
  • Age:  6 Years 8 Months
  • Price: $97
  • Yield: 204 Bottles
  • Retailer: Shared Pour
  • Tasting Notes: Fat and maple driven, this rye is packed with oak, pepper, clove, baking spice, a touch of root beer and cherry. For the rye fans who’d live happier without dill, this is a great rye for you. Our past NULU ryes haven’t strayed massively herbal and this is no different. Baking spice, clove, a touch of butterscotch and an oaky stronghold come in. Long finish, leans oaky and rye driven. I couldn’t stay away from this rye and went back for a second glencairn full to enjoy while hammering on paperwork and the rest of the days business onsite. 

last but not least, the creme de la creme:

Week 32 – Driftless Glen, Single Barrel, Barrel Proof Wheated Bourbon 

  • ABV:  50.5% ABV
  • Age:  5 Years, 5 Months
  • Yield: 186 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes: Sweet custard, pralines, butter cream, Werther’s caramels on the nose. Sweet, complex, enticing. If Bernheim had more character, this would be a perfect comparison. Rich on the palate, silky texture that pairs nicely with the sweetness, there’s plenty of oak, toffee, a faint touch of baking spice and then it’s back to sweet desserts and sweet oak. Long finish, I like this proof right where it is, enticing vanilla bean, sweet caramels, a touch of tannin and some vanilla to see it out. Wheater city up in here, without that pesky cinnamon red hot note I don’t like in OWA/W12.

Week 31 – Ragtime Rye 7yr Single Barrel, Barrel Proof Rye Selection

Ragtime Rye "R/Bourbon" Single Barrel Cask Strength New York Straight Rye Whiskey
  • ABV:  56% ABV
  • Age:  7 Years (Distilled 9.30.2014, Bottled 2022)
  • Yield: 222 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes:  With notes of fresh rye bread, salted caramel, sourdough and bold maple, there’s a touch of apple, peach, pear and cherry before hefty rye spice digs in. Rich on the palate at a reasonable 56% ABV, this rye carries a silky texture on the palate. Long finish, circling back to notes of spicy rye, cracked pepper, warm cinnamon apple and a touch of blueberry cobbler. Savory at first, fruity in the mid palate and a spicy, fruit laced finish.

Week 30 – Yellowstone 102pf “Bourbcoin Lite” Single Barrel r/Bourbon Selection

  • ABV:  51% ABV
  • Age:  4 Years 
  • Yield: 235 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes:  Sweet and pleasant on the nose, lemon poppyseed, honey, sweet buttercream, light oak and butterscotch drive at first. Enjoyable, sippable mouthfeel. There’s just enough oak to give it body and structure without taking away from the lighter, dessert notes that drive this pour. Lots of butterscotch, sweet oak, faint pepper on the finish and some great fruit like strawberry, blackberry and currant that blends nicely with the pure dessert of the nose and palate. I’m making a gold rush with this all summer long.

Week 30 – Belle of Bedford 10yr MGP Single Barrel, Barrel Proof Rye

  • ABV:  54% ABV
  • Age:  10 Years 
  • Yield: 177 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes:  Peppery and packed with herbal, tobacco, pound cake funk. It’s funky rye all day long laced with brown sugar, maple, sweet oak, toffee and a hint of cassis / blackberry character.  On the palate it’s rich and viscous, with no ethanol. At just under 110pf I’m always impressed with how rich these drink, and it’s got that herbal funk and spice I find absent in other aged MGP ryes coming out lately. If you’re looking for a rye that runs the full gamut of spicy, sweet, fruity and funk, you’re in the right place. 

Week 29 – Starlight Single Barrel, Barrel Proof Bourbon Cognac Finish

Our first Starlight of 2022, this Cognac finished bourbon brings a new finish to our program. Many of you know my deep love for Cognac, and as a result, I’m stoked to see these two parallel universe collide. 

  • ABV:  54.5% ABV
  • Age:  4 Years 
  • Price: $69
  • Yield: 156 Bottles
  • Retailer: Seelbach’s
  • Tasting Notes:  Hefty and spice forward up front, this cocoa laced sweet treat balances toffee and baking spice well. Cognac shows up nicely throughout – bringing bold tannins, sweet buttery apple pie, spice on the finish and a bump in viscosity on the palate. It adds more in tannin and texture than sweetness or fruitiness, which works well given the fruit forward nature of Starlight’s bourbon profile. Of a full set of cognac cask finished bourbons, this was the easy favorite, and makes for a great kick off to 2022’s Starlight r/Bourbon releases. 

Week 29 – Starlight Single Barrel, Barrel Proof Rye Estate Brandy Finish

  • ABV:  55.9% ABV
  • Age:  4.5 Years 
  • Yield: 132 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes:  Bold and rich, the spice of the rye and the fruity kick of the brandy creates a spicy, jammy painting like few others. This rye is light on tannin, bright and spice forward without heavy oaky dryness. Jammy on the finish, there’s plenty of blackberry, red berry, concord grape, baking spice, a kiss of oak and a fat slab of herbal spice and maple throughout. 

Week 29 – Starlight Single Barrel, Barrel Bourbon

  • ABV:  55% ABV
  • Age:  4.Years 
  • Yield: 216 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes:  Creamy and sweet up front, there are notes of waffle batter, graham cracker, honey, toffee and a touch of praline. Moderate viscosity on the palate, it leans towards a silky texture rather than a thick, chewy pour. The ABV landed in a nice spot to deliver a long finish, that integrates a touch of cinnamon, nutmeg, cocoa and sweet buttercream. 

Week 29 – Driftless Glen Single Barrel Barrel Proof Rye Selection

  • ABV:  51.5% ABV
  • Age:  5 Years 51 Days  
  • Yield: 153 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes:  Sweet and spicy on the nose, laced with caramel, baking spice, fresh bread and rich orange peel. A good deal of vanilla, cherry cordials, cracked pepper and a touch of herbal spice. Rich and viscous on the palate, there’s so much toffee, werther’s caramels, herbal spice and cracked pepper on the finish. Touch of orange and cherry once more, with a heavy cocoa finish. 

Week 29 – 1792 Single Barrel, Full Proof Selection “The Naked Barrel”

  • ABV:  62.5% ABV
  • Age:  8 Years 
  • Distilled: March 17th, 2014
  • Bottled: May 2022
  • Warehouse: Warehouse I, 6th Floor, 23rd Rick
  • Tasting Proof: 133.4pf (bottled at 125pf)
  • Yield: 159 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes:  I labeled this in my notes as “Barton’s Warehouse X” which is a note of reference to a flavor profile I often get from Knob Creek Whse X. Loaded with morello cherry, honey, sweet Riesling and funky tobacco notes, I was surprised how rich it was despite not being expressively oaky. Lots of cherry, a touch of tropical fruit like mango and papaya, and a long, brown sugar and pipe tobacco finish. Impressively rich, and surprisingly sippable at 62.5% ABV. I wanted to try this in a Boulevardier, and plan to as soon as I’m able. 

Week 28 – Westward Port Cask Lost Lantern Single Cask American Single Malt Whiskey

  • ABV:  64% ABV
  • Age:  5 Years (4 Years Kelvin, 1 yr Adega Port)
  • Price: $120
  • Yield: 250 Bottles
  • Retailer: Seelbach’s
  • Tasting Notes:  Bold and malt forward, this Westward continues the bold and flavorful trend of casks past. Rich malt, maple, honey, brown sugar, and a touch of cherry and blackberry jam. Rich on the palate, great body, a bit lighter on the oak, but filled with jammy undertones that add their own flair of complexity. Red berries, blackberry preserve, a touch of currant and a long, maple forward finish. Few distilleries seem to shine so consistently at such high proof, and Westward nails it. 

Week 28 – Colorado Spirits HAZMAT Lost Lantern Single Cask American Single Malt Barley

  • ABV:  70.9% ABV
  • Age:  5 Years
  • Price: $120
  • Yield: 132 Bottles
  • Retailer: Seelbach’s
  • Tasting Notes:  Bold, oaky, and charismatic, the nose on this malt is a trickster. It stood out early in tasting to me as a flavorful, rich, unbelievably complex combination of oak, sweet tea, barrel char, honey and a crazy spiced orange note. Deceptively easy drinking, the viscosity soon gave away the ABV. Reminds me of our Westland 2423 Hazmat from last year: a great, chewy texture with layers and plenty of undertones to taste through. Sweet cream, honey, cake batter, growing oakier with time. Tobacco, cracked pepper, bold and drying by the time it reaches the back of your palate with a hit of maple. A long finish, with a zip of ethanol blends nicely with bold oak, werther’s caramel. 

Week 28 – Tumblin’ Dice Single Barrel, Barrel Proof Selection

  • ABV:  56.18% ABV
  • Age:  7 Years
  • Yield: 144 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes:  Sweet and buttery, this single barrel continues to lean into the fruitier side of MGP, pairing blueberry and peach cobbler with sweet tea and vanilla bean ice cream. Great texture to the palate, silky and easy to enjoy neat and as a cocktail ingredient. Pleasant maple, nutmeg and clove develop as you sip, with a long, baking spice and cobbler finish. 

Week 27 – Driftless Glen Single Barrel, Barrel Proof, Bourbon

  • ABV:  59% ABV
  • Age:  6 Years
  • Yield: 188 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes:  Full strength, full tilt, Driftless’ bourbon is in its stride. Aged for more than 6 years, this single barrel is delightfully complex, with plenty of paint on the canvas. Honey butter, cherries, a touch of orange slice and some pepper strikes the nose. Moderate mouthfeel blends nicely with super solid proof on the palate. At 59% it’s easy to drink, complex and the opposite of punishing. Oakier, baking spice and vanilla bean forward on the palate. Creamy icing, caramel candies and butterscotch on the back palate, with a dry finish. 

Week 27 – Knob Creek Single Barrel Bourbon “Triple Barrel Tangle #3” 

  • ABV:  60% ABV
  • Age:  9 Years
  • Yield: 141 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes:  I was tempted to make a deez nuts joke but held my composure. This is the nutty one – a total peanut brittle, toffee, caramel, praline and buttered popcorn barrage from the master’s of peanut funk themselves. Heavy and rich on the palate, its rich and sweet, coupled with plentiful oak and tannin. Some tasting notes are easy to prattle on for paragraphs and paragraphs, but this is quintessential Knob Creek, the profile that made me fall in love with the brand. A touch of nougat on the finish brings a creamier element to the praline and peanut brittle palate. Gobs of oak, and a long, long finish. 

Week 27 – Dancing Goat Distillery Limousin Rye Single Barrel #6798 Brandy Cask Finish

  • ABV:  55.9% ABV
  • Age:  6 Years, 7 Months
  • Price: $60
  • Yield: 192 Bottles
  • Retailer: Seelbach’s
  • Tasting Notes:  A spicy fruit pie, this rye has it all. Sweet baking spice, zesty cinnamon and clove, apple pie and cherry cordials on the nose. Great body on the palate with the proof carrying plenty of flavor to the table. Apple pie, warm brown sugar and maple syrup, a crackle of peppercorn and a touch of herbal rye character. Long finish, plenty of spice at first, with a long, sweet butter cream and maple note to hang on and close out. 

Week 27 – Dancing Goat Distillery Limousin Rye Single Barrel #6714 Port Cask

  • ABV:  55.5% ABV
  • Age:  6 Years, 7 Months
  • Yield: 138 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes:  If they made a color darker than black, this would be it. The color comes from the richness of the port, and an extended finishing in the barrel: almost an entire year. Spicy and zesty on the nose, there’s notes of rye bread, toffee, peppercorns, clove and a hint of ginger. This gives way to rich, syrupy port that blends nicely. The palate is surprisingly middling on viscosity – it’s not cloying or thick and sludgy. Cherries, blackberry, a touch of tobacco funk and some sweet grape blends nicely with the spicy, rye bread character of the rye. It’s a sweeter one, and I’d give this a drizzle on some ice cream in the summer, if I wasn’t on a personal fitness journey and totally don’t cheat sometimes., like never ever. Ever.

Week 27 – Dancing Goat 9yr Bourbon Single Barrel #4261 

  • ABV:  58% ABV
  • Age:  9 Years (this is the oldest barrel they’ve bottled, and didn’t have 9yr labels on hand for this bottling due to printing delays)
  • Yield: 192 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes:   The cherry cola richness of a bourbon I expect based on the provenance, this cask is next level. Hefty maple, tobacco, hint of cinnamon, bold oak and toffee blend into a rich, powerful pour. A hint of cola, root beer, ginger, creme brulee and honey add some sweet zip before the oak takes back over, delivering a rich, oaky, dry, cherry cola bourbon pour. 

Week 26 – Knob Creek Single Barrel Bourbon “Triple Barrel Tangle #2” 

  • ABV:  60% ABV
  • Age:  9 Years
  • Yield: 177 Bottles
  • Retailer: Greens Farms Spirits 
  • Tasting Notes:  A fat stack of pancakes and syrup, this is the second chapter of the Tangle, and it’s the sweetest by far. Light on funk, light on oak, it’s all dessert all day with a light, caramel forward profile, big maple and brown butter, and a long, sweet tooth finish. While not oaky, it doesn’t taste young, it’s just that all the sweet notes are dialed up to 11, finishing up with a peanut brittle finish and Werther’s all day long. 

Week 26 – NULU 6yr Toasted Bourbon “Barrel Tetris”

  • ABV:  52.3% ABV
  • Age:  6 Years
  • Yield: 174 Bottles
  • Retailer: Shared Pour 
  • Tasting Notes:  Thick and rich, this single barrel sings with notes of baking spice, clove, nutmeg, bold caramel and cream. Spicy cracked pepper on the back palate, it’s got a more dominant oak structure, a punch of sweet then spicy, finishing long and creamy, a three musketeers bar for the road. 

Week 26 – NULU 6yr Toasted Bourbon “JACKED”

  • ABV:  52.3% ABV
  • Age:  6 Years
  • Yield: 168 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes:  Sweet at first, notes of marshmallow, honey, graham cracker, a touch of orange peel and funk. There’s caramel, butterscotch and cocoa notes, very Heath bar-like. Less oak here than Tetris, but a creamier, easier drinking palate that is everything I like to see from a toasted barrel. No artificial weirdness, it’s a Heath bar wrapped up in a marshmallow envelope, ready for the porch and a fire. 

Week 26 – NULU 6yr Toasted Bourbon Honey Finish

  • ABV:  57% ABV
  • Age:  6 Years
  • Yield: 192 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes:  About the wildest thing I’ve tried since Amburana, this bourbon matured in heavy char, then finished in a medium toasted barrel with honey. The result is viscous, but not cloying, packed with flavor, and it carries the proof really nicely. Butter cream, bold spice, pepper and clove play off of a rich, honey forward profile. It’s sweet (as expected) and moreso than a standard bourbon, all across the palate. Where it gets interesting is the finish, which dries nicely with plenty of oak, pepper and a touch of cinnamon to see it off. It’s definitely sweet, but the combination of viscosity, oak, and a long, drying finish make this easy to come back for a second pour without any concern of a sugar high. I’m glad this came out at a higher proof – it helps keep the honey in check unlike some other barrels I’ve tried. 

Week 25 – Driftless Glen Single Barrel, Barrel Proof, Bourbon Selection

  • ABV: 60% ABV
  • Age: 6 Years, 224 Days
  • Yield: 190 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes:  Thick and rich, this bourbon blows the pants off the barrels I first selected back in 2019. With almost 7  years of age, there’s a hefty oak quality that works well with freshly roasted pralines, creme brulee, waffle cone and sweet, vanilla bean ice cream. Rich baking spice develops the longer it sits on your palate, plenty of oak and a long, dry, nougat forward finish. The color on this cask is unbelievable. 

Week 25 – Stellum Spirits “Serpens K7” Single Barrel Cask Strength Rye r/Bourbon Selection 

  • ABV: 57.99% ABV
  • Age: 5 Years
  • Yield: 161 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes:  An about-face to the first Stellum Barrel, this Serpens is a cluster we just keep coming back to. The boldest, oakiest of the bunch, it weaves together light MGP dill, heavy maple syrup, black walnut bitters, honey, sweet toasted oak and funky tobacco. Herbal, black tea, it’s rye through and through with a bold sipper I wouldn’t dare throw in a cocktail. Well, maybe I would, but this barrel is the perfect neat sipper, with a satisfying finish that leaves plenty introduction for more. 

Week 25 – Copper & Cask Single Barrel, Barrel Proof High Rye Bourbon Selection

  • ABV:  57.1% ABV
  • Age:  5 Years 7 Months
  • Price: $59
  • Yield: 161 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes: The color on this Copper is no joke as well, with a great combination of age and ABV giving this a subtle richness. Baking spice, waffle batter, fresh baked biscuits, baked apple pie and a toffee note rock the palate. Interestingly enough, I don’t often get much cherry from MGP, but the extra rye in the mix brings a luxardo cherry, clove and custard note as well. Rich, decadent, the palate is syrupy without punishing heat or a numbing sensation. 

Week 25 – Knob Creek Single Barrel Bourbon “Triple Barrel Tangle #1” 

Thankful to have selected this one in person at Harrison Smith House with the Beam Team (man that just rolls off the tongue) this is the first of three barrels selected that day. This comes from Warehouse Z, Floor 5, Rick 29 and Tier 1. Warehouse Z is a newcomer to the program, if I recall correctly.  – I should create a log of these. It was barreled on 10.16.2022 making it about 9 years and a half or so before bottling. It’s bottled at 60% ABV. 

  • ABV:  60% ABV
  • Age:  9 Years
  • Yield: 161 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes:  This funky bastard had me sure we had a Warehouse X in the bunch, but it fooled me until the last second. Complex and enticing on the nose, loaded with maple, peanut brittle, funky tobacco, rising sourdough, brown butter, It’s rich on the palate, drinks with a heavy viscosity that  few bourbons have. Great texture, it’s filled with brown butter, sweet toffee, a touch of bitter oak, and gobs of peanut brittle sweetness. Long finish that’s oaky, dry, satisfying and funk driven until the end. 

Week 24 – Copperworks Distillery American Single Malt r/Bourbon Single Barrel Single Cask Selection

  • ABV: 61.5% ABV
  • Cask: 253
  • Age: 39 Months
  • Tasting Notes: Dense is the theme of today’s tasting notes with Cask 253 teed up in front of me. It oozes complexity from the nose, with caramel candies, fresh sourdough, wafer cookies, waffle cone, cracked pepper, impressive cream and oak. Sweet on the palate at first as the malt shows off, the oak drives in nicely balancing the stage nicely. Honey butter, fresh bread, pastries, a funky tobacco note with brown sugar, caramelized sugars, nougat and creme brulee on the finish. Rich finish, syrupy viscosity, easy to chew on and really dig into, bursting with complexity. Few things prove that age is just a number like American Single malt and the combination of PNW malt and fresh cooperage paints a masterpiece all on its own. 

Week 24 – Rebel “Dramspiracy” Single Barrel Cask Strength r/Bourbon Selection 

  • ABV: 60% ABV
  • Age: 4 Years
  • Yield: 155 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes:  Caramel bomb all day long, this strays into an enticing blend of caramel candies, toffee, pralines, cinnamon red hots, light – medium oak and a long, butter cream finish. I like how Rebel casks always seem to share a good deal of Weller Antique elements, without the punishing red hot cinnamon element. Cinnamon here is nuanced, blends nicely with caramel, honey, the oak and a baking spice finish. 

Week 24 – Ezra Brooks “Dramspiracy” Single Barrel Cask Strength r/Bourbon Selection 

  • ABV: 60% ABV
  • Age: 4 Years
  • Yield: 210 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes:  Bolder, oakier, spicier, Ezra brings the savory backside of the Rebel coin. Oakier, drier, a great deal of baking spice, toffee, cocoa, cherry cordials, clove and nutmeg. Rich on the palate, ethanol is dialed in nicely, not too oak forward. Long finish laced with honey, creme brulee, cherry cordials and oak. 

Week 24 – Stellum Spirits “Rigel A7” Single Barrel Cask Strength Rye r/Bourbon Selection 

  • ABV: 58.9% ABV
  • Age: 5 Years
  • Yield: 175 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes:  A fat, funky, peppery rye that bottoms out into a pile of fudge, cocoa, cherry cordial candies. Viscous on the palate, the least minty of our three Stellum ryes to come. Drinks well below its proof, it’s heavy on the brown sugar, cracked pepper, tobacco, a faint touch of caramel on the back palate. This is my Summer Sazerac cocktail Staple and it’s damn good. 

Week 24 – New Riff Single Barrel #7276 Cask Strength Bourbon r/Bourbon Selection 

New Riff Distilling  "R/Bourbon" Single Barrel Straight Bourbon Whiskey
  • ABV: 107.7pf
  • Age: 4 Years
  • Barrel: 7276
  • Yield:  212 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes: Stupid rich on the nose, the New Riff barrels continue to trend into a fat stack of pancakes, honey butter, rich baking spice, a touch of orange peek and clove. Rich on the palate, a good deal of oak, especially for the age, zesty pepper, maple candies and a long, funky fruit finish that combines cherry, apple, orange and sweet caramel. 

Week 23 – Old Fourth Bottled in Bond r/Bourbon Single Barrel Selection

  • ABV: 50.00% ABV
  • Age: 4 Years, 2 Months
  • Yield: 240 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes: A apple butter baking spice bomb, this barrel is packed full of sweet and creamy baking spice notes from start to finish. Honey butter, apples and maple, warm pastry crust, and a long finish full of vanilla bean and caramel. The mouthfeel is silky and buttery at 50% ABV and I’m glad that we proofed each of these for the selection to make sure the best barrels were showing at the final proof we’d be bottling them at. 

Week 23 – Copper & Cask Single Barrel, Barrel Proof r/Bourbon Selection 

  • ABV: 58.4% ABV
  • Age: 5 Years, 4 Months
  • Distilled: Jan 2017
  • Bottled: April 2022
  • Yield: 193  Bottles
  • Tasting Notes:  A powerhouse of tobacco and maple, this 21% rye shows every percent of that rye content and made me think it was initially the 36% rye mashbill. Rich maple, toffee, nougat and a carmelized sugar note that transitions fluidly into big clove, a touch of pepper, some faint cinnamon and a rich, waffle cone finish. Rich on the palate, surprising oak for 5 years old and filled with dessert character that’s hard not to fall in love with. I also gave this a go making a Whiskey Sour as the weather heated up over 90 in Wisconsin recently, and it was divine. 

Week 22 – r/Bourbon Barrell Craft Spirits C27i Blend: r/Bourbon Selection

  • ABV: 57.05% ABV
  • Age: 50% 5 Year, 30% 7 Year, 5% 10yr, 15% 17yr.
  • Yield: 183 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes:  Bursting with oak, toffee, brown sugar, maple candies, a touch of orange peel and musty tobacco. This Private Release stuck out to me due to its silky texture on the palate, it was rich and powerful, viscous and desserty on the palate without having a sky high ABV. This resulted in a beautifully rich bourbon on the palate, with a long, maple and toffee finish that carried forever. Early members of r/bourbon will remember one of our most favored barrels of the past – a 5yr Barrell selection in early 2021 that astounded drinkers blind, and the sprinkle of older components here only adds to the complexity. Not too oaky, not too dry, packed with dessert from start to finish. 

Week 22 – r/Bourbon Barrell Craft Spirits Madeira Finish r/Bourbon Selection

  • ABV: 63.7% ABV
  • Age: 14yr and 18yr Indiana Whiskey finished in Madeira Wine casks
  • Yield: 191 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes:  Beautifully rich on the nose, sweet pancake syrup, clover honey, clove and a touch of pepper blend wonderfully with a light, jammy quality and some dry oak on the nose. Rich on the palate, the Madeira shows nicely here contributing black currant, baking spice, blueberry and a touch of fig without adding too much sweetness. These American whiskey stocks already have quite a bit of sweetness on their own, so a complementary wine is vital, and this Madeira strikes the balance appropriately. Long finish, great composition of sweet maple, baking spice, dry oak, juicy currant and a long, dry finish. 

Week 22 – r/Bourbon Barrell Craft Spirits Pineau de Charantes Finish

  • ABV: 61.8% ABV
  • Age: 14yr and 18yr Indiana Whiskey finished in Pineau de Charantes casks
  • Yield: 195 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes:  Rich and syrupy on the palate, dense with fruit and butter cream on the nose. Initially light on tannin, it noses like creme brulee, sweet oak, light DOLE fruit syrup and a burst of red berries. On the palate, it’s richer and oakier, with a good deal of baking spice, maple, pancake syrup, touch of clove and baking spice and cherry cordial. Jammy and fruit driven as time elapses, there’s no shortage of blackberry, honey, tobacco and baking spice with a touch of cognac fruit. Long, dry finish that delivers rich oak, honey and waffle cone for an eternity. 

Week 21 – r/Bourbon Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Barrel Proof Bourbon

  • ABV: 63.65% ABV
  • Age: 7 Years, 10 Months
  • Distilled: 4.16.2014; Bottled 2.4.2022
  • Yield: 182 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes: Powerful, funky and dry, there’s no doubt it’s the ol’ Tennesee controversy in a bottle. This bourbon is packed with maple, rock candy, caramel and burnt sugar on the nose. A touch of fruit, heavy on the tannin, lovely and sweet. Viscous and thick on the palate, it’s a syrupy symphony of honey roasted peanut, banana chips, vanilla bean ice cream and butterscotch topping bourbon sundae. One of the longer finishes in recent memories for a bourbon selection, this barrel finishes strong, brash and proud with a long, sweet finish that wraps up banana cream pie, rich cream and a tobacco forward oak vibe. Whew. 

Week 20 – r/Bourbon Bulleit “Not Another Stagg Killer” 10yr Single Barrel Bourbon

  • ABV: 52% ABV
  • Age: 10 Years
  • Yield: 182 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes: Bold tannin at first, giving way to sweet cream and apple pie. Orange peel, cracked pepper, a touch of brown sugar and nougat before the oak swings back once again. Syrupy on the palate, 104pf is always a nice spot for these barrels, tasted at proof. Long finish that starts with baked apple and brown sugar and gives way to soft tobacco and dry, oak. 

Week 19 – r/Bourbon Backbone 7yr “Brain Drain V” Single Barrel, Barrel Proof Rye Whiskey

  • ABV: 59% ABV
  • Age: 7 Years (84 Months)
  • Yield: 149 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes: Peppery pound cake laced with nougat, maple and honey. Old and bold, woody and chewy, tannic and rank with dessert character, this rye is every bit as bold as the name would suggest. Sticky toffee, fresh cracked pepper, tobacco and butter cream with a long, bold, woody finish. See also: killer Manhattan maker.

Week 18 – r/Bourbon Staves & Grain 7yr Single Barrel, Barrel Proof Rye Whiskey 

  • ABV: 59.5% ABV
  • Age: 7 Years, Barreled November 8th, 2014
  • Mashbill: 95/5 MGP Rye 
  • Yield: 142 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes: Rambunctious and rye forward, this blackberry bramble meets rich honey, maple, tobacco and pure MGP rye funk. Black pepper, black walnut bitters, sweet and creamy creme brulee lead into a viscous mouthfeel, a long, oaky finish. This reminds me of the original Vaporwav Flav, but at a pricing not seen for many moons. A rye that simply doesn’t back down.

Week 17 – r/Bourbon Old Elk Single Barrel Wheated Bourbon “Cosmic Wheat” Vol III #3908

  • ABV: 56.75% ABV
  • Distilled by Greg Metze at MGP and bottled by Greg Metze at Old Elk
  • Age: 6 Years
  • Yield: 210 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes:  The completion of Cosmic Wheat, this final barrel continues the chapters that the first two barrels wrote: pure, wheated bourbon excellence. No, I’m not going to tell you it’s a Weller killer or some other weird selling point. It’s pure, dessert, oaky, delight. It can stand on its own. Pound cake, vanilla butter cream, Werther’s caramels, honey and a bold, oaky structure. Heavy on the baking spice, the sweetness balances nicely here with clove, a gentle touch of cinnamon, nutmeg and creme brulee sweetness. Greg at Old Elk is laying down greatness and at 6 years old, it’s shining. 

Week 17 – r/Bourbon Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Warehouse K “Dirty K”

  • ABV: 55% ABV
  • Age: 9 Years
  • Yield: 144 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes: Expressively woody for the age, it’s a red berry, orange peel, cherry delight that’s laced with baking spice, toffee, a slight tinge of balsamic and a tidal wave of brown sugar and maple. Spicy at first giving way to rich fruit and sweet dessert notes, this is the first K in a long time that drew my attention, and we kept returning to it, even after tasting an incredible run of S barrels, and grabbing our CNA that released for 200 Grand. 

Week 16 – r/Bourbon Old Elk Single Barrel Wheated Bourbon “Cosmic Wheat Vol II” #3827

  • ABV: 57% ABV
  • Age: 6 Years
  • Yield: 203 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes: There’s a reason I took three volumes worth of Wheat from Old Elk from this batch (10 samples). Incredibly reminiscent of MMCS with an extra scoop of oak. Sweet cream, a rich creme brulee, burnt sugar, cherry pie, fat toffee character. Rich on the palate, pass on the cinnamon and ginger, maple candies and great oakiness once again. Sweet, rich, rich and thick on the palate with a long, long, waffle cone finish. Wheat that’s out of this world. 

Week 16 – r/Bourbon Penelope Toasted Finish “An r/Bourbon & Seelbach’s Creation” (Medium Toast)

  • ABV: ~58% ABV
  • Age: 5 Years
  • Yield: 200 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes: French toast sticks, a bold, chewy, granola and maple candy note on the nose. Impeccably rich, dessert forward with all the toasted notes you’d want to see. Touch of blueberry, peaches and cream, and rich nougat. Viscous, long finish, a sweet s’more character.

Week 16 – r/Bourbon Penelope Toasted Finish “An r/Bourbon & Seelbach’s Creation” (Heavy Toast)

  • ABV: ~58% ABV
  • Age: 5 Years
  • Yield: 200 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes: Pure toasted goodness here. The spicy backbone of the base blend is evident and shows just how much character a toasted finish brings to the table. Nougat, vanilla bean ice cream, gelato, creamy marshmallow and rich fudge mingle pleasantly with bold pepper, oak, toffee and a powerful cream note. Cohesive, well integrated, a syrupy and rich mouthfeel that’s deceptive – the proof will sneak up on you if not careful. Pure dessert from start to finish with a wallop of barrel char, oak and pepper to keep things centered

Week 16 – r/Bourbon 12yr Bib & Tucker Single Barrel Selection 

  • Age: 12 Years
  • ABV: 49.5% ABV
  • Yield: 111 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes: Bold, oaky and rich, this is an oldie and it tastes every bit its age. Lower in proof overall, this bottling has loads of oak spice, old musty tobacco, rich maple, cherry cordial, cocoa, black coffee, dark chocolate and lots of clover honey. Sweet, rich on the palate in a way that reminds me of a run of low proof, high age statement SAOS single barrel. This is the first Bib I’ve had that captivated me, and it’s a rich, oily, bourbon that makes for a great drinking experience. 

Week 15 – r/Bourbon Old Elk Single Barrel Wheated Bourbon “Cosmic Wheat”

  • ABV: 57.85% ABV
  • Age: 6 Years
  • Yield: 210 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes: A fascinating build on our first Wheated Bourbon last year, I’m convinced once again at Greg’s skill as a distiller. Brown butter, waffle batter, bold maple candies and a decadent, sweet oak. Toffee on the palate, rich and syrupy with plenty going on. Impressive wood structure, nice tannins offset the sweetness, devoid of cinnamon that peeves me in other wheaters, this reminds me of my favorite Maker’s Mark cask strength barrels. Oaky, sweet, rich, toffee driven with a long, pecan pie finish. We’re in the wheat-y sweet spot with Old Elk’s wheaters now. 

Week 15 – r/Bourbon Nashville Barrel Company 5yr Single Barrel, Barrel Proof, Bourbon

  • ABV: 57.28% ABV
  • Age: 5 Years
  • Yield: 170 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes: Ooey gooey caramel candies, toffee, sweet buttercream, cinnamon stick, vanilla bean ice cream and a heft hit of oak. Rich on the palate, a touch of ethanol that’s rewarded with no shortage of flavor. Peanut brittle, waffle cone, heavy oak and rich brown sugar. Finish is long and impressive, a great combination of dessert, tannin, tobacco and buttercream.

Week 15 – r/Bourbon Nashville Barrel Company 9yr Single Barrel, Barrel Proof, Rye

  • ABV: 60.31% ABV
  • Age: 5 Years
  • Yield: 120 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes: Massive honey, toffee, bold rye spice, a touch of espresso, blackberry preserve, jammy fruits and a heavy, dense clove note. Rich on the palate, a heavy hitter of oak, rye spice, creme brulee and blackberry for days. Long finish, syrupy and rich that carries maple, tobacco, a touch of ango and more blackberry for miles.

Week 15 – r/Bourbon Old Forester Single Barrel, Barrel Proof, Bourbon “Through The Forester & Flames II”

  • Age: NAS
  • ABV: 65% ABV
  • Yield: 156 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes: It’s a cherry, cocoa toffee butter bomb. A touch of banana compared to the first edition, it’s rich and viscous. A bit less fiery, the proof hides better on this release with more oak, tobacco and a touch of plumb. I’m amazed at how much brown butter and toffee there are here, usually this are oakier and fruitier but this is pure dessert.

Week 14 – r/Bourbon Blue Note 2 Barrel Blend

  • The Schtick: Blend of  2 Blue Note Uncut Barrels (Distilled by Green River in Kentucky)
  • ABV:118.8pf
  • Age: 5 Years
  • Tasting Notes: Honey, apple crisp and bold cola. Blueberry cobbler once again, those soda fountain vibes are back and accentuated with the barrels chosen for this release. A blend of two bourbon barrels, this release is viscous on the palate, and really benefits from the combination of casks. Long finish, lots of brown sugar, Luxardo cherry and a touch of pepper.

Week 14 – r/Bourbon Copper & Cask Single Barrel, Barrel Proof Bourbon

  • Age: Blend of  2 Blue Note Uncut Barrels (Distilled by Green River in Kentucky)
  • ABV: 114.4pf
  • Age: 4 Years, 8 Months
  • Tasting Notes: All baking spice, barrel char, toffee, sweet buttercream and a dollop of cinnamon. It’s a quintessential bourbon, leaning heavily into those baking spice notes, those dessert forward drams and a nice lacing of oak. I’m rarely a cocktail person, but I just got a new juicer and have been rocking Whiskey Sours left and right, and this is the perfect bourbon to pair with citrus thanks to those bold, sweet, oaky, spicy notes. 

Week 14 – r/Bourbon Woodinville Whiskey Company Single Barrel, Barrel Proof Bourbon

  • Age: 5 Years (just shy of 6, so it’s a 5yr)
  • ABV:117.54pf
  • Age: 5 Years
  • Tasting Notes: Baking spice immediately, cocoa, nougat and bold fruits. Dried apple, blackberry, some strawberries and cream. Tobacco, toffee, pepper and clove. Long, dry finish with more tannnin than expected. A banger of a first look from Woodinville Whiskey Company. Dial up Taconic 771 and we’re here!

Week 13 – r/Bourbon Barrell Craft Spirits Barrell Whiskey Private Selection: Gold Ticket Pick 1: GD Vajra Barolo Wine Finish

  • Age: Blend of 14 and 18yr American Whiskey
  • ABV:133.62pf
  • Tasting Notes: Rich and beautiful, this whiskey is packed with layers of flavor. Sweet malt at first, followed by butter cream, caramel, rich toffee, nougat and a bold oak character. The Barolo finish adds another facet of complexity, savory tobacco, rich peppery bite and a big cherry, blackberry, fig presence. Long finish, the proof is high and you can taste the richness it helps deliver alongside plenty of tannin, and a complex wine finish. 
  • Selected Live on YouTube with r/Bourbon Members, WATCH HERE

Week 13 – r/Bourbon Barrell Craft Spirits Barrell Whiskey Private Selection: Gold Ticket Pick 1: Jamaican Rum Finish

  • Age: Blend of 14 and 18yr American Whiskey
  • ABV:123.12
  • Tasting Notes: Fans of sweeter, more dessert driven flavors will relish in this Jamaican Rum finish barrel. A touch lower proof, more caramel, honey, waffle cone, cake batter and baking spice roll through on the palate with a fruity essence. The Jamaican Rum finish brings a lovely, interesting complexity. Not overly funky, notes like pineapple, apple pie, clove, orange peel and honey accentuate the whiskey with a finish that’s extremely long lasting. Astonishing complexity, it’s rich on the palate, packed with mature tannin and a vibrant, fun finish.
  • Selected Live on YouTube with r/Bourbon Members, WATCH HERE

Week 13 – r/Bourbon New Riff “Riffs of Dover III” Single Barrel, Barrel Proof Bourbon

  • Age: 4 Years
  • ABV:51% ABV
  • Tasting Notes: Big and toffee forward, this reminds me of our first selection from New Riff ever. Tobacco, baking spice, honey, Belgian waffle, a touch of root beer and a peppery finish. Impressive oak for a 4yr whiskey, it’s a demonstration that New Riff still have their finger on the pulse of their whiskey, and continue to give us great casks to pick from.

Week 13 – r/Bourbon Ezra Brooks “Periodic RA” Single Barrel, Cask Strength, Bourbon

  • Age: 4 Years
  • ABV: 60% ABV
  • Tasting Notes: Peppery, fiery, unapologetically high rye bourbon. Rye bread, toast, brown sugar and a maple candy nose with rich, texture driven palate. Oily on the palate, the heat is well contained with plenty of flavor: oakier and spicier than the Rebel, with a creme brulee finish. 
  • Additional Info: The completion of the ‘Periodically’ series of artworks with this pair of single casks. 

Week 13 – r/Bourbon Rebel “Periodic BL” Single Barrel, Cask Strength, Bourbon

  • Age: 4 Years
  • ABV: 60% ABV
  • Price: $65
  • Retailer: Greens Farms Spirits
  • Shipping: All 50 US States 
  • Tasting Notes: Supple, creamy, dessert forward. Baking spice, clove, a hint of apple pie before a big custard, cream, cherry pie palate. Sweet and buttery, the proof rests nicely on the palate, devoid of wheat-y cinnamon character I don’t always love in wheaters. Sweet, creamier and more caramel forward than the Ezra, with a long, buttery finish. 
  • Additional Info: The completion of the ‘Periodically’ series of artworks with this pair of single casks. 

Week 12 – Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon, r/Bourbon Selection, Camp Nelson A #19-0051 ‘200 Grand’

  • Age: 11years, 11months
  • ImageThe barrel
  • ImageThe sticker
  • ABV: 55% ABV
  • Yield: 42 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes: Bold, chewy, oaky, powerful. Root beer candies, waffle cone, cake batter, big and bold oak, toffee and a hefty dose of tannic funk. Viscous, undeniably rich, and a perfect representation what the master distillers at Wild Turkey can turn out on their best days. 

Week 12 – Angel’s Envy, r/Bourbon Single Cask Selection, ‘Drinking With The Angels’

  • Age: 6 Years
  • ABV: 54% ABV
  • Yield: 270 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes: Vivacious and rich, this is what Angel’s Envy should be like all along. Rich toffee and nougat start off before the port finish really digs in. Rich berries, cocoa and cherry. Pound cake, funky tobacco, a rich and viscous mouthfeel. The proof is bold here, placed just right to deliver a rich, chewy texture, with a long bourbon finish. Wine finishing is always a tough experiment, but the port isn’t overbearing and delivers one of our richest bourbon expressions of the year.

Week 12 – Off Hours Single Barrel 

  • Age: 5 Years, 10 Months
  • ABV: 51.9% ABV
  • Tasting Notes: An oaky barrel that reminds me of what I liked from our recent NBC run of bourbon. Bold coffee, toffee, oak and caramel notes with a lively, fruit pie back palate. Think creme brulee, apple pie, big cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and rich oak and toffee. A touch of funk on the finish, it ends crisp and clean and the lower proof really works well here to deliver a big viscosity without punishing heat. 

Week 12 – Blue Note Uncut r/Bourbon Single Barrel Bourbon

  • Age: 5 Years
  • ABV: 62.1% ABV
  • Yield: 207 Bottles
  • Additional Info: Distilled at Green River in Owensboro, Kentucky, this tornado surviving barrel is another in the Uncut line.
  • Tasting Notes: About as much toffee as I’ve gotten from one of these barrels, it’s a welcome foray into the dessert bar. Sweet cream, bold orange peel notes and a surprising amount of oak. Big caramel notes, sweet tobacco, quite a bit of plum and a bright, oily texture. Long finish, I love how each of these seem to really shine as a well constructed cocktail in a glass.

Week 12 – Riverset Rye r/Bourbon Single Barrel Rye

  • Age: 5 Years
  • ABV: 59% ABV
  • Yield: 207 Bottles
  • Additional Info: Distilled at Tennessee Distilling Company, this rye is routinely one of our most requested barrels to bring back.
  • Tasting Notes: Peppery at first, packed with maple, baking spice, orange peel, honey, a touch of cherry and waffle cone. Bold, pepper, rich on the palate. This rye kicks, and the age compared to our younger, previous barrels in past years is clear. Great balance of oak, hefty spice, great desserty finish that pops with rye before moving on. At this point, I’m convinced there’s no better rye for the $ these days. 

Week 11 – Starlight Single Barrel, Barrel Proof Bourbon, Tokaji Wine Finish

  • Age: 4.5 Years
  • ABV: 107.4pf
  • Yield: 122 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes: Sweet honey, butter cream, lovely late harvest wine sweetness. I was concerned the Bourbon + Tokaji (a sweet, Hungarian, dessert wine) would be cloying but the bourbon base has these big cinnamon, pepper, clove and oak notes that blend really nicely with the wine character. Big rich, syrupy, chewy mouthfeel and a moderately oaky finish.

Week 11 – Starlight Single Barrel, Barrel Proof Bourbon, Tawny Port Wine Finish

  • Age: 4.5 Years
  • ABV: 106.8
  • Yield: 140 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes: Selected between a bunch of port barrels, this was a no contest selection when pitted against Ruby port barrels of the same age. Tawny is a distinctly different profile from Ruby port, and here it works wonderfully with the bourbon. Rich, fruity notes up front: blackberry, currant jam, cassis and deep, cherry pie. Bold tobacco, pungent raisin notes, brown sugar, toffee, creme brulee, espresso and a powerful, syrupy texture. Long finish, the bourbon and Tawny work well here to deliver a bold, complex profile that’s not cloying or too sweet – something I experienced with the ruby port barrels of the same lot. Unbelievably rich for an expression under 5 years old. 

Week 11 – Starlight Single Barrel, Barrel Proof Bourbon, Oloroso Sherry Finish

  • Age: 4.5 Years
  • ABV: 104.8pf
  • Yield: 138 bottles
  • Tasting Notes: Fans of drier, oakier, spicier whiskey will find this combination of Starlight Bourbon and Oloroso Sherry a delight. Oloroso is a much drier sherry that features fruity, savory, peppery notes rather than syrupy, sugar forward wines like PX. Brown sugar, cracked pepper, orange peel, baking spice and a light honey note blend nicely here with the Oloroso wine, bringing forward cranberry, cherry, another dusting of great clove and peppery character with a rich mouthfeel. Sweet at first with the bourbon and wine notes coming together, with a longer, drier finish that fans of a spice forward whiskey will love. If you don’t like your whiskey too sweet, this is the barrel for you. 

Week 10 – High West American Prairie Bourbon, Oloroso Finished Single Barrel, r/Bourbon Selection

  • Bottling: January 2022
  • Finish: 9 months in Oloroso sherry
  • ABV: 48.6
  • Yield: 312 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes: The fruit basket returns with an oaky, caramel forward profile. Nougat, sweet waffle cone, cake batter and orange zest meld nicely with blackberry, lingonberry, currant and a sweet, jammy character. Rich and creamy on the palate, there’s plenty of oak and spice to balance the sweeter, fruitier character. The finish sold me on this particular barrel compared to a PX sherry and a Syrah finish – it’s long, creamy, complex and not too sweet, not too bitter, and not too peppery and hot. This barrel handled the heat just right – a delightful fruit bowl of character with plenty of oak and spice to stay interesting.

Week 9 – High West American Prairie Bourbon, Oloroso Finished Single Barrel, r/Bourbon Selection

  • Bottling: January 2022
  • Finish: 9 months in Oloroso sherry
  • ABV: 48.6
  • Tasting Notes: Berries and cream, this High West takes sherry quite well. Orange marmalade, bold oak and toffee, blackberry and date fruit combine nicely with a peppery complexity. Rich on the palate, ABV is just right. Sweet at first, fruity second and then becoming dry and oaky with a nice tobacco finish. Complex and delightful. It’s impressive how both the base whiskey and the finish each show through, neither overpowering each other, and bringing tons of complexity to this single barrel.
  • Additional Info: High West is weird and won’t side label for specific groups anymore – only the state of the retailer. But, they’ll still let you submit custom branding for the customized hang tags, etc. As a result, this bottle bears a fully custom, High West created, r/Bourbon wood style hang tag. 

Week 9 – Backbone Bone Snapper Rye, Barrel Proof Dickel Rye Distilled By Dickel, r/Bourbon Single Barrel

  • Distilled: May 2014
  • Bottling: Nov 2022
  • ABV: 60.5% ABV
  • Tasting Notes: Powerful, tobacco driven. Pepper, pound cake, raisin bread, honeycomb, orange peel and a wallop of creme brulee. Reminds me of some older Russell’s casks with that orange peel + honeycomb combo. Viscous mouthfeel, rich and packed with dessert character and a vicious rye bite. Long, oaky, tannic finish that ends dry, pepper and with a touch of honey and lemon.

Week 9 – WhistlePig Single Cask, Cask Strength, 10yr Rye, r/Bourbon Single Barrel Selection “Ryedration”

  • Distilled: March 2010
  • Bottling: December 2021
  • ABV: 54.95% ABV
  • Tasting Notes:Quintessential, all the things I love about WhistlePig are here again. Sweet butter cream at first, apricot jam, toffee and confectioners sugar. Big rye spice swings in, pancake syrup, maple candies, bold tobacco and pepper, a touch of plum on the finish. Rich and viscous, I typically find myself satisfied after a pour or two of rye. Good for the night. Move on to something else. This one drinks a touch different, each sip leaves me wanting another, it’s one I could drink all evening long. But, now that you’ve got your ryedration, don’t forget hydration 🙂
  • Additional Info: The barrel labeling shows 10yrs – but as you can tell, this is just a touch older! 

Week 8 – Rare Character 5yr8mo “Blooming In Confinement” Single Barrel, Barrel Proof, r/Bourbon Selection

  • Distilled: May 2016
  • Bottling: January 2022
  • Mashbill: 75% Corn, 21% Rye, 4% Malted Barley
  • ABV: 56.76% ABV
  • Tasting NotesPure apple pie, brown butter, toffee, honey and cream. Light cola on the back palate, a pleasant oak saturation from nose to finish. Pralines, roasted almonds, a hint of clove and cinnamon, and a long, maple finish.
  • Additional Info: This artwork is my vision of art being created, even while locked away deep in stone.

Week 8 – Rare Character 5yr8mo “The Stone Giant” Single Barrel, Barrel Proof, r/Bourbon Selection

  • Distilled: May 2016
  • Bottling: January 2022
  • Mashbill: 75% Corn, 21% Rye, 4% Malted Barley
  • ABV: 56.26% ABV
  • Tasting Notes: A bit sweeter, oakier, more on profile for a “oh yes, this is bourbon” bourbon. Vanilla cream, pound cake, honey and maple candies. Bold oak, pepper, root beer candies, cinnamon and caramel candies. Rich, sweet, quite a bit of viscosity on the palate. Long, sweet finish with a final, oaky, bite.
  • Additional Info: This artwork is my vision of how these warehouses sit compared to other, smaller storage facilities that dot Kentucky’s landscape. Pieced together, stone by stone, this goliath is a work of art, all on its own. 

Week 8 – Rebel “Periodic RE” Cask Strength Limited Edition Single Barrel, r/Bourbon Selection

  • ABV: 60% ABV
  • Yield: 213 Bottles
  • Barrel Filled: 3/2017,  Bottled, 1/2022
  • Limit: 2 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes: Sweet, creamy, brown butter forward. Waffle cone, butter finger candies, a touch of clove and a zip of pepper. The faintest touch of cinnamon, and then the sweet, dessert bar is back open for business. Cake batter, nougat and a long, toffee forward finish. 

Week 8 – Ezra Brooks “Periodic EZ” Cask Strength Limited Edition Single Barrel, r/Bourbon Selection

  • ABV: 60% ABV
  • Yield: 231 Bottles
  • Barrel Filled: 2/2017, Bottled 2/2022
  • Tasting Notes: Cocoa, butter cream, tobacco and a touch of pepper. Spicier, a touch of rising bread, cinnamon roll. Salted caramel, a big hit of oak and plenty of spice drop. Chocolate covered cherries and blueberries, yogurt covered espresso beans and a long, tobacco heavy finish. Decadent. Powerful. 

Week 7 – Westward Single Malt r/Bourbon Single Cask, Cask Strength, Selection

  • Distilled: June 2016
  • Bottling: December 2021
  • Mashbill: 100% Oregon Malted Barley
  • ABV: 62.5% ABV
  • Yield: 94 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes: Rich and oak forward on the nose; toffee, nougat, cake batter and cocoa. Tannic, there’s no shortage of oak here. Rich and syrupy on the palate, packed with flavor. The ethanol is present but behaved, the viscosity is no surprise given the hefty proof. Toffee, pound cake, raisin bread, cocoa, creme brulee and a musty, funky, tobacco character on the back palate. Long finish, graham cracker, waffle cone and cake batter once more. If you have a sweet tooth, like bold oak and tannin, packaged up with a high ABV bow…this is for you. 

Week 7 – Old Pepper Single Barrel Rye r/Bourbon Selection

  • Info: Distilled at MGP and bottled by Old Pepper while their spirit (and our barrels, wink) come to age, this 4yr Rye is poppin’, and at a great price.
  • Mashbill: 95/5 Rye
  • ABV: Proofed to 55% ABV
  • Yield: 225
  • Tasting Notes: Spicy and unbridled, this orange peel, pepper bomb is a look at the wilder side of what Old Pepper has hanging out in their warehouse. Touch of anise, bold maple, pepper, some clove, ginger and honey. A touch of herbal spice, the candied ginger note is awesome. Long, dry finish with a surprising amount of oak on the palate. These drink nicely proofed to 55%, and if you’re a fan of more vivacious cocktails, this works perfectly in a Boulevardier.

Week 6 – Knob Creek Single Barrel Bourbon, r/Bourbon Selection, “Vaporwave Flav II”

  • Distilled: 2/2012, Bottled 8/2021
  • Selection: t8ke
  • Bottling Proof: 60% ABV
  • Tasting Notes: It’s wild, it’s fun, it’s the return of Vaporwave Flav! A great follow up to the first chapter of the series: a maple hound of an MGP rye through NBC, this Knob Creek Bourbon single barrel is an evangelist that a 9.5yr barrel can be lights out. Rich cream, nougat, clover honey and cinnamon. Touch of nutmeg, big peanut brittle candies, payday bar, butterscotch and a long, creme brulee finish. 60% ABV is never not a great choice, with the palate presenting itself as a syrupy, rich, decadent caramel candy bar of a dram. In a barrel that reminds me of some of my favorite Knob Creek bourbon from the past, it’s Vaporwave Flav II. 

Week 6 – Wilderness Trail Barrel Proof Rye Blend r/Bourbon & Seelbach’s Selection

  • Age: 4 Years, 6 Months
  • ABV: 54% ABV
  • Tasting NotesBold, herbal, anise forward at first with undertones of tropical fruits and brown sugar. Bold and viscous, drinks far more mature than our recent single barrel rye. Toffee, tobacco, rye bread, hint of pine and bold clove on the palate. Long, sweet finish with a rye bite. This kicks up a Man Of War cocktail to 11. 

Week 5 – Backbone Bourbon, Barrel Proof Bourbon, Mezcal Cask Finish, r/Bourbon Selection

  • Distilled: 5/31/2016, Bottled 10/2021, Produced at MGP
  • Selection: t8ke, WhiskeyCurator, G-List (on premise in Indiana)
  • Shipping: All 50 US States
  • Bottling Proof: 56.8% ABV
  • Tasting NotesBig and bold up front: baking spice, toffee, honey and cream. On the nose, it’s all dessert notes all day long. On the palate, this bourbon’s big and chewy, lots of viscosity. Praline, toffee, honey, some interesting roasted agave syrup sweetness. Pepper and clove to balance. Long finish that’s got some extra barrel char, honey, light agave sweetness, bright fruits and almond. The mezcal influence is present but well integrated, it’s not too bold and powerful and helps bring out this sweet, fruity character in the malt. Don’t sleep on one of the most interesting barrels we picked this year!

Week 5 – Redemption High Rye r/Bourbon Single Barrel Select – Non-Chill-Filtered

  • Distilled April 2016, Bottled May 2021
  • Mashbill: 60% Corn, 36% Rye, 4% Barley
  • Yield: 219 bottles
  • ABV: 52.5% ABV
  • Tasting NotesMaple syrup, brown butter, fresh biscuits, raisin bread, tobacco and cherry cordial candies. Rich on the palate, heavy on the brown sugar and toffee, a touch of pepper here. Luxardo cherry, creamy nougat. Finish like a babe ruth bar. Brown sugar and luxardo cherry are wild on this one. 

Week 5 – Traverse City Whiskey Company 7yr r/Bourbon Select Barrel Proof Rye

  • Distilled January 2014, Bottled November 2021
  • Mashbill: 95% rye, 5%malted rye
  • ABV: 59.2% ABV
  • Tasting NotesHerbal and funky straight away. Powerful maple, toffee, creme brulee before a huge herbal kick. Clove, tobacco, black pepper, orange peel, a touch of spearmint. Brash, powerful rye notes on the palate. Long, sweet, dessert finish with black licorice, cinnamon, flaky pastry, vanilla bean, root beer candies, and a long long long finish. Whew.

Week 5 – NULU 6yr Toasted Rye “Periodic” Barrel Proof Rye Single Barrel

  • Age 6 Years
  • Mashbill: 95% Rye / 5% Malted Rye
  • Yield: 191 bottles
  • ABV: 57.5% ABV
  • Shipping: All 50 US States
  • Tasting Notes: Yep that’s rye alright! Nougat, brown butter, rich cocoa, funky tobacco, a touch of blueberry cobbler and then a big hit of toasty goodness. Marshmallow, creme brulee, a sweet punch of vanilla bean before a long, peppery, proofy finish. Viscous on the palate, swings elegantly between spicy pepper bomb and a decadent dessert pour. Unlike any rye we’ve done so far. 

Week 5 – NULU 5yr Double Oaked “Periodic” Barrel Proof Bourbon Single Barrel

  • Age 5 Years
  • Mashbill: 36% Rye MGP Bourbon
  • Yield: 203 Bottles
  • ABV: 60% ABV
  • Tasting Notes: Dense, rich, pound cake. Fudge, cocoa, honey, apple pie and brown butter. Pastry, cherry cordial, dark chocolate, a vanilla bean note in there. Big viscosity, a touch of heat on the back palate, that nice Kentucky Hug. It’s high proof, high flavor, high viscosity. A syrupy, oaky dessert pour that brings in the best of some extra oak without becoming bitter, too tannic or overly drying. 

Week 4 – Knob Creek Rye Single Barrel “Board Shorts”

ABV: Proofed to 57.5% ABV
Yield: 195 Bottles
Tasting Notes: All toffee, tobacco, spice and raisin bread. Funky, sweet, loaded with stewed fruits and a touch of cocoa. Big, funky rye that wanders off the beaten Beam path for rye. Long finish, the best part of this peppery, stewed fruit forward dram. Kowabunga.

Week 4 – Starlight Single Barrel, Barrel Proof, Straight Rye Whiskey

Info: A follow up to our first straight rye from Starlight that went lickety split, this rye is super unique. It spent its time aging in heavy char barrels, with heavily charred heads as well. This is pretty unique, they only had one or two barrels with this character to them, and after tasting, it was a no brainer to take it all.  
Yield: 187 Bottles
Tasting Notes: Powerful and bold, this rye packs a punch. Marshmallow, rich funky rye character, apples and pears, bold clove, pepper and honey. It’s clear there’s a whallop of barrel character on this one, a touch of char, big cocoa, bold tannin and a heavy, decadent viscosity. Intense and complex, loaded with character, a long orange peel finish. Toffee, cocoa butter, nougat and maple on the back palate. 

Week 3 – Old Pepper Single Barrel Rye r/Bourbon Selection

Info: Distilled at MGP and bottled by Old Pepper while their spirit (and our barrels, wink) come to age, this 4yr Rye is poppin’, and at a great price.
Mashbill: 95/5 Rye
ABV: Proofed to 55% ABV
Yield: 225
Tasting Notes: One of two barrels I took at Old Pepper, this spritely rye is a great look at an orange peel popper. Peaches, orange zest, herbal maple and a hint of pepper. Viscous and proofed to a deceptively drinkable 55% ABV, these are up there with Stellum in my mind, despite being a year or so younger. This rye, pepper, orange peel bouquet perfectly complements the other Old Pepper coming up shortly: a brown sugar, clove more bourbon drinkers rye. If you like spice, orange peel, and big rye character, this is the barrel of the pair for you. 

Week 3 – Tumblin’ Dice “A La Mode” Single Barrel Barrel Proof Bourbon

Info: The long awaited follow up to our previous pair of Tumblin, this release features the brand’s original glass design – the squat bottle shape. 
Yield: 200 Bottles
Tasting Notes: A la mode immediately came to mind. Not quite as fruity as the first pair, there’s peaches and cream, honey, apricot, a touch of cherry and blueberry before a heap of viscous nougat, cream, vanilla bean ice cream pop forward. Bold, creamy, this reminds me of a big bowl of ice cream, and a rich, velvety palate. Less oak and tannin forward, more vanilla, nougat, caramel and a touch of wafer and waffle cone. 

Week 3 – Lucky Seven 14yr “The Proprietor” Single Barrel, Barrel Proof Bourbon

Yield: 143 Bottles
Tasting Notes: Bold and oaky, spicy, anise forward. Bright caramel, touch of cherry and tobacco. Quite dark in profile: lots of nougat, caramel, cocoa, espresso, tobacco. Rich and viscous on the palate, the proof is deceptive. Dark morello cherry and cherry cordials with a bold blackberry finish.

Week 2 – Sagamore 7yr r/Bourbon Single Barrel Selection Rye

Info: The long awaited followup to our Sagamore 6yr Rye from 2021, this release is a full year older and packed with flavor. Selected by t8ke.
Mashbill: 95/5 Rye
Yield: 206 Bottles
Tasting Notes: The maple is still here in droves, it’s spicy, packed with orange peel, honey, brown sugar and toffee. Cracked peppercorns. Once again coming up short on the herbal, dill-y character of other ryes, instead its all pure spice and dessert. Long, rich finish, light on ethanol, heavy on clove and honey. 

Week 2 – Three Chord 7yr Barrel Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Info: Three Chord has a wide variety of stocks, but I elected to choose from their older, KY based stocks. Selected by t8ke. Barrel proof, single barrel for r/bourbon, with branding to match. 
Mashbill: 74% Corn, 18% Rye, 8% Malted Barley
Yield: 206 Bottles
Tasting Notes: Apple pie, peaches and cream, a touch of cola and bunches of baking spice. Cinnamon, clove, a touch of ginger. Maple and brown sugar. A good bit of oak on this one, a nice change of pace from some of the younger bourbon we’ve had lately. Dry on the finish, plenty of tobacco. If you like a little more tannin, a more barrel forward bourbon, this is for you. Barrel char, a touch of honey on the back palate. 

Week 2 – Starlight Armagnac Finished Bourbon

Info: Selected on premise when I was at Starlight in August, this Armagnac finished bourbon is bottled at barrel proof, after 4.5 years of aging and almost 6 months of additional finishing. 
Yield: 137 Bottles
Price: $89
Retailer: Greens Farms Spirits
Shipping: All 50 States, No Workaround Required
Tasting Notes: Armagnac is a tough beast to work with – it can easily take over a barrel. This bourbon manages the influence of the brandy well, with notes of pound cake, toffee, rich maple and barrel char on the nose. Rich palate, a touch of ethanol,  then rich tobacco, a touch of cocoa and honey, pepper and baking spice. The Armagnac notes come through prominently on the palate and finish, bringing tobacco, syrupy date fruit, a hint of bitter grape and a great blackberry jam character. Long, savory finish. 

Week 1 – Westland Cask Strength Single Barrel 2423, Hazmat Release 

  • Info: Distilled 1.28.2015, Bottled 2.22.2021, Rewine Cooperage, Red Wine Maturation
  • ABV: 140.74
  • Tasting Notes: This HAZMAT monster is nothing short of flavorful. Berry, char, lovely wine character and sweet caramel malt notes. For 70% you’d never know it, so watch out when you pour yourself a second dram. Rich on the palate, everlasting finish and a great blend of red wine, tannins, malt and caramel. Cherry cordial, toffee, werthers caramels and awesome oak tannin all combine for a whiskey that’s both unbridled and balanced.

Week 1 – Backbone Bourbon Barrel Proof Single Barrel r/Bourbon Selection 

  • Age: 7 Years
  • ABV: 60.5% ABV
  • Tasting Notes: Fruity at first: apple pie, cherry cordial, a touch of orange peel. Quickly turns to brown sugar and maple on the nose. Plenty of honey, toffee, cracked pepper, vanilla bean. Rich on the palate, viscous mouthfeel, syrupy texture and packed with flavor. A touch of ethanol, cherry, cocoa, maple candies, tobacco and big, creamy, vanilla notes. Long finish, light char, some brown sugar and cherry cordial and sweet tea on the finish. 

Week 1 – Maker’s Mark Private Selection, r/Bourbon Barrel Proof Selection #1 

  • Age: NAS
  • ABV: 55.15% ABV
  • Tasting Notes: Powerful creme brulee, plum, honey, creamy nougat and bold toffee. Sweet and desserty, this is a pure cocoa toffee butter bomb. Sweet and viscous, proof is deceptive, with a long bold finish. There’s a touch of spice on the back palate and in the finish, but the heavy mendiant stave influence keeps the profile sweet, buttery, toffee forward. Delectable.
  • Additional InfoFor images from Maker’s and the info above, visit the entry for it on the single barrel tracker.