5 Sentidos Espadin Capon

The Schtick: “Cinco Sentidos Espadin Capon is milled by hand with wooden mallets and fermented with open air yeasts and tepehuaje tree bark.” – Mezcal Reviews

Review #1274 | Mezcal Review #30

Distiller: Alberto Martinez

Bottler: 5 Sentidos

Brand: 5 Sentidos


ABV: 48.1% ABV

Age: NA

Nose: Pepper, ash, cream cheese frosting. Light herbal quality.

Taste: Sweet and buttery. Vanilla, caramel. Pepper, light salinity. String bean, faint cheese. Strong minerality that fits perfectly. Medium mouth feel, light ethanol presence.

Finish: Long, loaded with minerality and sweetness. Faint clay character, with a light smokiness. Sweet vanilla bean.

Overall: Really really nice expression. Loving the complexity here. Great balance of clay, minerality and sweetness.

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Rank: 7

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