5 Sentidos Pechuga de Papalote

The Schtick: Distilled by Deflino Tobon Mejia for Cinco Sentidos as part of the La Coleccion Mixteca, this Pechuga takes a distilled wild papalote batch and conbines chicken, and many fruits – notable anise and cinnamon.

Review #1865 | Mezcal Review #176

Distiller: Delfion Tobon Mejia

Bottler: Cinco Sentidos

Brand: Cinco Sentidos


ABV: 49.6% ABV

Age: NA

Nose: Minty, chive, onion, sour cream. Creamy and rich, ultimately savory on the nose.

Taste: Minty and interesting. There’s a richness here but the spice, mint and salinity lands weird for me. It’s hard not to equate this in similarity to mouthwash or something strange. Wintergreen candies?

Finish: Long finish, minty once more with loads of anise. Wild and interesting, and this is even more anise forward than something I thought was the pinnacle of Anise – Banhez’s pechua. Whew!

Overall: This is wild, but too anise heavy to really make me fall head over magueys here.

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Rank: 5

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