5 Sentidos Pichomel y Papalome

The Schtick: Distilled by Atelo Ramirez in Puebla for Cinco Sentidos and their La Coleccion Mixteca, this release combins the Papalome and Pichomel agaves for an ensamble distilled on a combination of copper and steel.

Review #1871 | Mezcal Review #179

Distiller: Atelo Ramirez

Bottler: Cinco Sentidos

Brand: Cinco Sentidos


ABV: 47.3% ABV

Age: NA

Nose: Bright and effervescent. Lots of roasted agave character, lime and citrus, some salt and clay. Savory, sweet, lightly fruity.

Taste: Sweet on the palate. Lots of cream, some honey, some papaya and lemon. Buttery sweetness with a faint undercurrent of smoke and salinity.

Finish: Long finish. A bit sour, a bit ashy, a bit peppery. Interesting and complex, with an ever changing profile.

Overall: I like this. The finish is bonkers compared to the rest of the experience and this is delightful for some sunny sipping.

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Rank: 6

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