August Outturn: Catching Up On Agave Mixtape



Mixtape Outturn 1/2

Mal Bien Chucho + Poncho Sanchez Arroqueno


Sweet and enticing, interesting combination of plumb, slate, lemon curd, big and buttery. Kind of like an uber buttery unoaked chardonnay. 

Light on the smoke, a touch of apple crisp. Sweet citrus, a bit of ethanol and light smoke. Fruity, a touch of cotton candy, peppery. 

Long finish, peppery and hot. Lots of smoke, minerality, a touch of that buttery lemon once more. 

Overall quite nice, but the acrid, prickly, peppery finish leaves it a touch disjointed. 



Mal Bien Felipe + Ageo Cortes Espadin + Bicuixe

47.2% ABV

Fruity and spritely. Slate, bubble gum, a touch of aloe and cream. Vegetal for a moment, but only just so. Touch of salinity. 

Thin to medium viscosity. Some melon, light pepper, orange zest. 

Long clay driven finish, earthy, peppery, ethanol shines through. Almost some prickly pear flavor. 

I like this. It’s all over the board, but that blend of fruit and salinity and clay works great. 



Mal Bien Chucho + Poncho Sanchez Mexicano

47.8% ABV

Sweet and fruit driven, it’s pure cotton candy, creamy sweetness, almost tropical in nature. Orange, pear, apple, peach, a touch of papaya. 

Moderate to rich viscosity, great presence on the palate. Heat is well in check, a touch of cocoa. Peppery, a touch of clove, apples, pear and papaya. 

Orange peel finish, sultana, mineral driven with a touch of salinity. 

Choo choo, I’m on the hype train for this one. Lovely Mexicano through and through. 



NETA Ensamble 6 Magueys 

Oh wow. Lots going on. String bean at first, a touch of Brussel sprouts, japaleno. Then light sweetness, honey, pear, cotton candy, jelly beans, funky and lightly cheesy. 

Dry on the palate, cedar and some fragrant woodiness, a bit of bell pepper, cream and cracked pepper. Nice body to it. 

Long finish, heavy on the wood notes, bell pepper, garlic salt, minerality and papaya. 

Wild and all over the place, like, literally a dash of pretty much everything under the sun. I like it, it gives you plenty to think about as you sip. 



NETA Madrecuixe

47.5% ABV

Hellllllllo karwinskii. Cocktail onion, jalapeno, snap peas, bell pepper, powerful and intensely wild. 

Sweet at first, before a hammer of flavor strikes. Peppery, a touch of clove, big minerality, cocoa powder, bell pepper, fresh shallot. Wild, unique. 

Long finish, a good deal of pine, charcoal, salinity and minerality. Decadent, flavorful, intensely karwinskii. 



Lalocura Espadin Con Quiote

50.6% ABV

Funky, garlicy, creamy. Cream of mushroom soup. Funky and earthy. 

Sweet and funky. Ash, a touch of sulfur and smoke. Salinity, minerality, mushroom and a meaty character. Rich texture. Powerful. 

Long finish, funky and meaty, savory and loaded with minerality and salinity. Beef stock. Cocktail onion. Wild. 


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