August Outturn: Derrumbes



A tasting tour of the Derrumbes flask set that’s now available. Well, it was available like a year ago, but I’m really slow. Derrumbes features a variety of producers from a variety of regions. Their bottles feature good information, yet they decided to use a design that makes them impossible to read. As a result, I’ve copied down all of their details below. Let’s dig in. 


Distilled by Antonio Panuco – also known as “El Tigre” this is batch A9 from Durango. Durangensis, pit roasted with Black Oak, mashed by hand with ax, fermented with wild yeast in wood, distilled on hybrid wood copper still. 

Sweet and aromatic on the nose, honey, peaches and pears. Sweet again on the palate, sweetness and rock candy, pear and peaches and cream. Buttery viscosity and mouthfeel. Slate and minerality, bright orange peel, clove, cream. Long finish, peppery and complex. Sweet berry. Overall quite lovely. Approachable, complex, enjoyable. Great for every mood. 7/10


Distilled by Javier Mateo in Santiago Matatlan, this is batch A9 from Oaxaca. Blend of 70% Angustifolia, 30% Potatorum, pit roasted with Black Oak, crushed by Tahona, fermented with wild yeast in wood, distilled on copper pot. 

Bright and effervescent, fruit forward and perfume driven. Mango, papaya, light acrid character, vinegar, touch of salinity. Big pepper, slate, minerality notes. Touch of smoke, some faint basil and sage. Interesting finish, a touch rubbery, a touch smoky and soil driven. Faint apple. Interesting but perhaps a touch pedestrian, it’s a solid but not remarkable field blend. 5/10


Distilled by Cuauthemoc Jacquez in San Carlos Tamaulipas, this is batch A7 from Tamaulipas . Funkiana, Univittata, American agave, Pit roasted with Black Oak, mechanical mill, wild yeast in stainless steel, distilled on stainless and copper alembic. 

Intensely aromatic, quite brine forward with touches of savory herb, vinegar, and some soil. A light vegetal note, hint of cheese. Pickled onion. Sweeter on the palate but still quite pickled and savory. Cedar wood, pepper, minerality. Touch of tobacco. Long savory finish. If you want pickled onions, a touch of jalapeño and garlic butter: here you go. 5/10


Distilled by Guadalupe Perez in Tzitzio, this is batch A9, distilled from Cupreata in Michoacan. 45.3% ABV. Cupreata, Pit Roasted with Red Oak, Mechanical Mill, Wild Yeast Fermentation in Wood & Clay, Distilled on wood & copper in a Philippine still. 

Oh goodness. Rich, complex, inviting. Orange cream, date fruit, citrus zest, powerful sweetness and a touch of rock candy. Light minerality and soil. An orange creamsicle by no other name. Fruity on the palate, orange candy slices, yogurt, faint salinity. Long, sweet finish with a touch of pepper, minerality. I love the profile of this one. Wonderful. 8/10


Distilled by Jaime Banuelos in Hacienda de Guadalupe, this is batch A7, from Zacatecas. 47.4% ABV Tequilana, pit roasted with white oak, crushed by Tahona, fermented with wild yeast on stainless steel, distilled on stainless and copper alembic.

Sweet and creamy, a touch of melon, aloe, salinity on the nose. Peppery and rising bread. Sour, lactic at first, opening up to a lovely sweetness. Honey, pecan, minerality. Long, ashy finish with a citrus punch. Ashy. Very good, quite fun, kind of wild for Tequilana. 6/10

San Luis Potosi 

Distilled by J Manuel Perez in Charcas this is batch A35, from San Luis Potosi. 44.7% ABV, distilled from Salmiana, roasted above ground with in stone w/ quiote, crushed with Tahona, fermented with wild yeast in rock, and distilled on a copper pot. 

Hello! Snap peas, green beans, bell pepper, cocktail onion, a touch of jalapeño. Zip of wheat grass. Touch of salinity and pepper. Bright, effervescent, touch of apple cider vinegar. Sweet on the palate, some confectioners sugar, pepper, a ton of vegetation. Long, pepper finish. 7/10 powerful. 

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