August Outturn: Venenosa Flask Set



Sierrea del Tigre de Jalisco


Funky, lactic, a good deal of glue. Orange peel, light citrus, cream cheese frosting. 

Rich on the palate. Dairy sweetness, cream, honey, plum, frosting and buttermilk. Orange creamsicle. 

Ashy, dry, lactic and powerful finish. Peppery, savory. 


Raicilla Cosa de Jalisco


Whew! Acidic, loaded with vinegar, paper mache, fresh glue. Brine forward, touch of olive. 

Thin presence on the palate, light viscosity. Apples, pears, olives, touch of blue cheese. Clay, salinity. 

Long finish, mineral forward, sour fruits, olive juice, a touch of that “baby diaper note” that’s easier to type than explain. 

Pungent and whew. 


Sierra Volcanes de Jalisco


Fruit loops fruitiness, cereal grains, honey, rising sourdough, sour milk. Enticing, interesting, fascination. 

Sweet, fruity, really intriguing. Creamy sweetness, pepper and a touch of clove and garlic. Delicious! 

Long finish, plenty of apple cider vinegar, cream sweetness, honey, and a touch of almond. 

Interesting, fun, easy to enjoy and quite frankly: crush. 


Raicilla Tabernas 

Peppery, creamy on the nose. Honey, vanilla bean, glue and sweet cotton candy. Complex, enjoyable, unique. 

Rich and creamy. Pepper, lovely and loaded with fruity character. Apple, pear, banana, blackberry, raspberry. Creamy nougat. Lovely. 

Long finish, lightly peppery, toffee, honey and loads of candy sweetness paired nicely with garlic, black pepper and a touch of salt. 



Sierra Occidental de Jalisco

40.6% ABV

Intensely sour, acidic, bitter. Packed with glue and adhesive notes. Bonkers, bizarre, polarizing for sure. 

Moderate mouthfeel, sweet at first. Fruit loop cereal, before some vinegar and light acidity. 

Long finish, funky and acidic, sweet and sort of chemical. Really intriguing, I love it even though it’s likely to be polarizing to a great degree. 



62.9% ABV

Ah yes, that’s the stuff! Blue cheese olive, electrifying, powerful. Sweet, salinity, some clay, acidity and delightful complexity!

Rich and powerful on the palate. Honey, lemons and pears, light minerality, clay and slate. Sauv blanc dialed up to 11. Powerful presence despite the heat. Blue fruit loop cereal. Wild. 

Powerful and viscous. Honey, apples, pears, some minerality, chemical character. Loads of orange peel, blue cheese olive, light acidity. Decadent



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