Barrell “Batch: T8KE” Private Release Bourbon Barrel Blend



Info: Barrell’s first entirely private release blend of bourbons, created in partnership between t8ke, r/bourbon, Travel Bar Brooklyn and Barrell Craft Spirits. 

Comprised of 25% 5 Year Bourbon, 60% 6 Year Bourbon, 10% 9 Year Bourbon and 5% 16 Year Bourbon, this release is a big, bold bourbon that’s tuned through iterative blending. Special thanks to Barrell’s Nic Christansen for her masterful oversight, hard work and preparation to guide this day of blending – the first of its kind for a private group. 

The team spent a full day testing blends, blind taste testing and comparing batch after batch. In order to progress, a blend had to pass as the unanimous best in a sample set. It was then refined through the introduction of new components and modifying ratios, and tried blind against the previous batches. 

A new blend could only progress if it won again, unanimous in the blind. After many rounds of blending, the final batch was locked in, winning blind once more against all new creations. 

Bottled at 117.52pf (58.76% ABV), 900 bottles were produced for the country, making this release a truly small batch. Bottles will be available online through Seelbach’s and SharedPour, as well as on premise at Travel Bar Brooklyn (eta for on premise not currently available – will be announced when ready). 

When asked what ‘##AA” batch code I wanted for the blend, I asked if we could monkey with tradition for the first time at Barrell, and they approved. Thus, batch code T8KE was born. Goodbye ##AA, hello A#AA.

Commentary from t8ke: “I wanted this blend to be as big and as flavorful as it could be without leaning on a single component for its flavor profile. The 5 and 6 year components drive an enticing nose, the 6 and 9 year components present a decadent palate, and a hint of 16 year introduces gentle, well structured tannin, without shifting the flavor of the blend away from bold, rich dessert. Say hello to your new favorite bourbon of 2023.”

  • ABV: 58.76% ABV
  • Age: 25% 5 Year Bourbon, 60% 6 Year Bourbon, 10% 9 Year Bourbon and 5% 16 Year Bourbon
  • State of Distillation: Indiana, Tennessee and Kentucky, USA
  • Bottling State: Kentucky, USA (Barrell)
  • Info: Cask Strength, Unfiltered, No Additives, No Coloring
  • Price: $109.99
  • Retailer: SharedPour & Seelbach’s (your choice)
  • Labeling: Customized T8KE Batch Code on Bottle
  • Tasting Notes:  
    • Nose: Complex and sweet on the nose, this bourbon opens up with notes of brown sugar, barrel char, rich baking spice and sweet pipe tobacco. It’s layered, rich, full of dessert sweetness with a hint of oak, bold caramels and decadent creaminess. 
    • Taste: The palate is viscous and rich, the 6 and 10 year components pull maximum weight here. Complex and full of baking spice, vanilla bean, creme brulee and caramelized brown sugar, barrel char, more tobacco and a hint of light, savory, pepper. 
    • Finish: The finish is monstrous, carries satisfyingly for some time, presenting brown sugar, cream and savory oak for ages. 

Where To Buy

  • Seelbach’s [Online] – SOLD OUT
  • SharedPour [Online] – SOLD OUT
  • Travel Bar Brooklyn [On Premise] – Available Now!

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