Chateau de Pellehaut 1973 Vintage 44yr Armagnac

The Schtick: This is an armagnac from Chateau de Pellehaut which hails from the Tenareze region. Pellehaut primarily uses folle blanche.

Review #491 | Armagnac Review #15

Distiller: Chateau de Pellehaut

Bottler: Chateau de Pellehaut

Brand: Chateau de Pellehaut


ABV: 43.8% ABV

Age: 44 Years

Nose: Melon, caramel. Butter cream and lots of oaky tannins.

Taste: Medium mouthfeel, sweet honey and oaky sulfur. This is very sweet initially but loads of baking spices, brandy sulfur notes and tannic tobacco notes help to counter-balance. There are a lot of deep stewed fruit notes here and a funky note I can only describe as what I would imagine potpourri would taste like.

Finish: Medium in length, lots of pepper, stewed fruits and tannins.

Overall: This was a tough one for me, but in the end, I really enjoyed it. Theres a depth here not often found in other products and the balance here is impressive in the end. With a product like armagnac its easy to let the sweets run off the rails, but the aging here along with the dryer notes are really what make it enjoyable and prevent it from being cloying.

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Rank: 7

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