Codigo 1530 Blanco

The Schtick: Distilled by Tequilera Las Juntas (NOM 1500) this blanco is double distilled on stainless steel after being autoclaved. This is my first brush with Codigo, and I was elated to find that they are offering minis of their bottlings. Let’s get to it.

Review #1722 | Tequila Review #19

Distiller: Tequilera Las Juntas

Bottler: Codigo

Brand: Codigo


ABV: 40% ABV

Age: NA

Nose: Roasty, toasty, nutty, loaded with agave character. Faint sourness before an explosion of citrus, faint meatiness and some enticing minerality.

Taste: Lots of sweetness – creamy vanilla, hint of confectioners sugar. Light pepper note, some bitterness and minerality. Sourdough crust, nice earthiness. Thin on the palate, faintly vegetal.

Finish: Short finish, not a ton going on. Bit of heat, some pepper, nice agave notes, but it’s a short lived finish and moves right along.

Overall: Certainly not bad, and nice to see it standing out from the diffuser crowd, but it’s a bit pricy for what you get.

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Rank: 5

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