Domaine dAurensan 10yr Armagnac 2009

The Schtick: Distilled from 100% Ugni Blanc, this release from Domaine dAurensan is my first brush with their distillate. Their estate resides in the Tenareze region, and this bottling is especially enticing as it is 10 years old, bottled at cask strength, and employs no coloring or additives. Lets get to it.

Review #1696 | Armagnac Review #75

Distiller: Domaine dAurensan

Bottler: Domaine dAurensan

Brand: Domaine dAurensan


ABV: 43% ABV

Age: 10 Years

Nose: Lovely and rich, lots of oak, grape, cocoa, orange zest. Thick, pungent, with a toffee and butter cream component thats really enticing.

Taste: Medium mouth feel, nice body. Heat is in check, pairs well with an abundance of fruit. Raspberry, black currant, blueberry, lingonberry. Raisin bread, cocoa, butter cream. Oak is present and asserting, but not not too heavy handed.

Finish: Long finish, the dregs hang on the palate for a while. Lots of cocoa, grape, raisin and date, cream. Oak structure carries well. Warming but not hot.

Overall: I had concerns for something at this age and ABV, but it has converted me. Really enjoyable fruits, desserts and oak combine to bring a really popular profile to the front. This is everything I really like about Ugni.

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Rank: 7

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