Domaine de Baraillon 1995 Folle Blanche Bas-Armagnac

The Schtick: This is a release of Armagnac distilled at Baraillon. Distilled in 1995, this has some decent age to it. Let’s dive in.

Review #1204 | Armagnac Review #52

Distiller: Domaine de Baraillon

Bottler: Domaine de Baraillon

Brand: Domaine de Baraillon


ABV: 45% ABV

Age: 19 Years

Nose: Oak, honey, perfume. Vanilla, toffee, cocoa, bright raspberry, currants, campari bitterness and sweet coconut. All over the place in a delightful cornucopia.

Taste: Medium mouth feel. No real heat. Honey, oak, sweet cream, oak structure is real nice. Heat is in check, blackberry jam runs wild with some herbal qualities. Light mintiness, some concord grape.

Finish: Long, but oaky, and dry. Tannic, herbal, a bit hot.

Overall: Great nose, pretty good palate, but the finish loses me. Too dry and oaky.

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Rank: 5

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