Domaine dEsperance 17yr Armagnac 1999

The Schtick: Distilled from 100% Baco in the Bas region, this 1999 Single Cask Armagnac from Domaine D’Esperance promises to be interesting. While it is bottled at cask strength, it’s worth noting that casks are proofed with distilled water at least 6 months before bottling. A really interesting facet of production at Esperance is that they employ the use of two stills – one on premise, and the still of a traveling distiller. Distilling only takes place over a single week each year, and this was distilled in 1999. Bottled without additives. Let’s get to it.

Review #1723 | Armagnac Review #78

Distiller: Domaine dEsperance

Bottler: Domaine dEsperance

Brand: Domaine dEsperance


ABV: 49% ABV

Age: 17 Years

Nose: Effervescent and complex fruit on the nose: this single cask is loaded with cake batter, wafer cookie, apricot preserve and a touch of cocoa.

Taste: Thick, rich, syrupy mouth feel unveils a whole lot of fruit and dessert. Sweet cream yields to apricot, blackberry, some fig. Hint of ethanol, but the complexity warrants it. Cake batter returns in a unique showing, but it is joined by more typical brandy notes such as tobacco, some cracked pepper, opulent desserts and caramels. Impressively complex, coats the palate really well.

Finish: Medium length finish that transfers gracefully from the palate. Amaretto, a crackling of pepper once more, a bit of blackberry and strawberry jam. Lingers for some time.

Overall: My first writing of Esperance has me looking for more. This particular single cask shines in its complexity. A combination of cake batter, fruit preserves and cocoa makes for a delectable profile with excellent oak integration. I’d be curious to see this cask in another 5 years, but have no need as this is drinking incredibly well even now.

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Rank: 8

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