Don Fulano Fuerte

The Schtick: An exciting take on their original Blanco offering, Don Fulano Fuerte is bottled at 50% ABV with no filtering,

Review #1939 | Tequila Review #24

Distiller: Tequilena SA de CV

Bottler: Don Fulano

Brand: Don Fulano


ABV: 50% ABV

Age: NA

Nose: Sweet, creamy, plenty of pepper on the nose. No ethanol – surprising for the proof, and I’m here for it. Bit of lime, sorbet/sherbert fruit/sweet notes. Mmm.

Taste: Wowzers – on the palate this is really something. Pure agave frosting at first, then honey, pepper, big fruit notes like papaya, lime, a bit of plum. Rich, viscous mouthfeel. Complex and lovely.

Finish: Long finish, ripe with agave character, toasted sesame, rainwater, cream and pepper.

Overall: I’m amazed at just how much character this has in the bump from 40%->50% ABV. The complexity is impressive, the mouth feel is just plain luscious and this is a treat – from tip to tail.

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Rank: 8

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