Dry Fly Washington Dry Gin

The Schtick: Ginvitational Day 25! Another release from Dry Fly Distilling in Washington State, this gin is distilled using winter wheat, and infused with a unique combination of botanicals featuring fuji apple, mint, hops and lavendar. Let’s get to it.

Review #1659 | Gin Review #53

Distiller: Dry Fly

Bottler: Dry Fly

Brand: Dry Fly


ABV: 40% ABV

Age: NA

Nose: Sweet, malty, a bit of vanilla. Lemon curd, faint pepper, bread-y.

Taste: Sweet and creamy, lots of vanilla, some maltiness, honey and butter. Faint juniper, a hint of pepper.

Finish: Long finish, rich and loaded with pepper, honey, melon, pepper and a hint of cardamom. Carries nicely, and the malty note plays well with citrus.

Overall: This is pretty nice, though it’s very unique. This is nowhere near a London dry expression, and if you expect that, you’ll be disappointed. If you expect, instead, a gin that’s sweet, floral and malt forward, the door is open. This worked very well in a Negroni, as well as a fizz. Big fan.

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Rank: 6

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