Farolito Penca Verde Joven

The Schtick: “Farolito Penca Verde is made by maestro Valentin Celis, who has been making mezcal for In Situ Mezcaleria in Oaxaca City for many years.” – Mezcal Reviews. I drank this with a buddy during a tour of some fun mezcals. Let’s see how it is.

Review #1282 | Mezcal Review #34

Distiller: Valentin Celis

Bottler: Farolito

Brand: Farolito


ABV: 45.39% ABV

Age: NA

Nose: Cream cheese, confectioners sugar, green beans, lemon bar.

Taste: Honey, lemon, lime, mango, cream cheese icing

Finish: Sweet light pepper, honey creamy. So rich, with a perfect blend of pepper, and sweetness.

Overall: Phenomenal – one of the best Mezcals I’ve had in some time. This profile was lovely, a perfect blend of sweet, vegetal and tangy fruits.

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Rank: 8

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