Felix Ángeles Pechuga

The Schtick: Distilled from Tobaziche, this pechuga from Felix Angeles is distilled using a copper pt in Santa Catarina Minas. Since this is straight from the palenque, I do not have an ABV. Let’s see how it is.

Review #1413 | Mezcal Review #69

Distiller: Feliz Angeles

Bottler: Feliz Angeles

Brand: Feliz Angeles



Age: NA

Nose: Powerfully woody – cedar, oak, pungent tannins, meaty. Celery, beets, pepper and earthiness.

Taste: Sweet clove, pepper, meaty and pungent. Roast beef, peppers, tomato and celery. Bizarre and savory.

Finish: Long – meaty, earthy and vegetal.

Overall: Bonkers good, but bizarre and reminds me of a recent Maguey Melate Popolometl

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Rank: 7

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