Fortunato Hernández Tobalá Puntas

The Schtick: Distilled on copper from Tobala, this mezcal is produced by Fortunato Hernandez in San Baltazar Chichicapam. Lets dive in.

Review #1406 | Mezcal Review #67

Distiller: Fortunato Hernandez

Bottler: Fortunato Hernandez

Brand: Fortunato Hernandez



Age: NA

Nose: Rich and powerful – vanilla, leather, brine, mango, papaya, minerality.

Taste: Thick, rich, but hot. This is definitely not 45% ABV. Cream, pepper, clay, bright mango and lime. Rich.

Finish: Long, but hot. Great complexity here, beef bouillon, clove, mango, salinity and clay.

Overall: Fuckin fantastic but hotter than balls. I don’t think the heat really takes away from the profile here, as there is so much going on, but man, what a ride. This is wild.

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Rank: 7

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