Foursquare 2004 Mark III Cask Strength 11yr Rum

The Schtick: This is a cask strength release from Foursquare. It spends 11 years in ex-bourbon. I had a sample of this many moons ago, and was silly enough to think “why should I write down my thoughts on rum?”. That was foolish. I have procured another sample so that I can take down accurate notes and share them with you all.

Review #741 | Rum Review #24

Distiller: Foursquare

Bottler: Foursquare

Brand: Foursquare


ABV: 59% ABV

Age: 11 Years

Nose: Rich brown sugar, pepper, clove, tobacco. Impressively bourbon-y. Mild overripe fruits, creme brulee. This smells like a very rich, fruity, bourbon.

Taste: Thick, rich. Very mild heat despite the impressive proof. Sweet maple, molasses, lots of rich fruitiness. Almost like a banana split. Vanilla, clove, pepper and more brown sugar.

Finish: Long and growing more rum like with lots of over ripe fruits, molasses and some faint funk presence.

Overall: This is really rich and complex, with lots going on. Its a super bourbon like rum, but those two things play exceptionally well here.

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Rank: 7

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