Germain Robin XO

The Schtick: This was sent to me as a blind mystery and it was sampled live in the Whiskey Network Discord where I also got the reveal. I have filled in the relevant info here for convenience.

Review #731 | AmericanBrandy Review #18

Distiller: Germain-Robin

Bottler: Germain-Robin

Brand: Germain-Robin


ABV: 40% ABV

Age: 6 Years

Nose: Toffee, faint fruitiness, bitter plastic, vine fruit, molasses. Really effervescent fruitiness

Taste: Thin mouthfeel, vine fruit, some astringency / plastic, clove and pepper with some artificial spice. Grapes, pear, clove, syrupy molasses. Real lack of heat.

Finish: Finish: Short, no heat. Faintly syrupy, apple peel, pepper. Faint bitterness but very muted. Overall sweet and fruity. Raisin note like raisin bread

Overall: verall: : Overall: it reminds me a lot of the courvosier I had some time ago. my guess is that its a grape based product thats relatively young and bottled at 40-43% ABV. That amount of fruitiness can only be a grape based distillate or maybe a light light dosed guyana rum but Im saying brandy. Not experienced enough to guess a brand but assuming 4-6years, 40-43% ABV. If its rum, its super light and vibrant, but I dont think it is. The fruit lingers way too much.

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Rank: 4

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