Gracias a Dios Tobala

The Schtick: Yet another release from the handiwork of Oscar Hernandez, this older batch (258) of Gracias a Dios Tobala is distilled twice on copper from Tobala. Let’s see how it is. This continues the Thank GaD mini series, this is day 5 of 7.

Review #1504 | Mezcal Review #88

Distiller: Oscar Hernandez

Bottler: Gracias a Dios

Brand: Gracias a Dios


ABV: 45% ABV

Age: NA

Nose: Rich and ripe – a great deal of clean rain water, mango, bright citrus and stone fruit. Faint minerality, some earth. Extremely enticing.

Taste: Sweet, extremely floral and bright. Loads of honey, confectioners sugar, cream cheese frosting. The fruitiness storms in with mango, almost lassi like. It’s like a smoothie of mango, papaya, pepper and some minerality. Crisp, bright, refreshing.

Finish: Long, truly decadent. Sweet cream, mango, tangerine and pepper. This is something else. The finish is long, powerful, lots going on.

Overall: This is the mezcal I could drink all the time, no matter the occasion. I’d be happy to haul this with me to a desert island and drink only it. It’s excellent, though I’m aware it’s one of the less favored GaD’s historically. I’ll take the surplus, please.

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Rank: 8

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