Lalocura Tobala-Tobasiche

The Schtick: Produced by Eduardo in Santa Catarina Minas, this Tobala and Tobasiche Ensamble was produced using a clay pot and adjusted with puntas and colas only. It comes to us as an entry in Agave Mixtape’s Volume II release.

Review #1800 | Mezcal Review #169

Distiller: Eduardo Angeles

Bottler: Lalocura


Selection: Agave Mixtape

ABV: 47.54% ABV

Age: NA

Nose: Super funky and cheesy. Delightful lactic cheeses, some garlic, some onion, some vegetal qualities. Savory with a hint of fruits.

Taste: Sweet initially with plenty of honey, berry and a touch of vanilla before the savory returns. Rich braised beef, some blue cheese, a hint of garlic and faint salinity.

Finish: Medium finish, well balanced between dessert sweets, umami savoriness and a touch of wood smoke.

Overall: Excellent combination of notes here continuing to demonstrate what a lovely pair these two magueys can be.

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Rank: 7

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