Lalocura Tobasiche-Espadin

The Schtick: Distilled on clay, this Espadin-Tobasiche from Lalocura is the base for the infamous Rainy Season Pechuga that released at Madre some time ago.

Review #2048 | Mezcal Review #212

Distiller: Eduardo Angeles

Bottler: Lalocura

Brand: Lalocura


ABV: 47.97% ABV

Age: NA

Nose: Funky and fun – cocktail onion, garlic, beef bouillon, some sweetness and cracked pepper. Intensely earthy and savory.

Taste: Sweet on the palate, lovely cream cheese frosting notes. Pepper, salinity, rising bread, faint fruitiness and some citrus zest. Rich on the palate.

Finish: Long, savory and peppery finish. Lovely set of base notes, great character. Savory without being too aggressive, funky without becoming offputting.

Overall: Big fan all around of this. It’s amazing how complex and interesting it sets out to be without going overboard in any one aspect.

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Rank: 7

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