Lous Mouracs 39yr LEncantada 1979 Bas-Armagnac

The Schtick: Distilled at a small estate in Tenareze, at Lous Mouracs, this 39 year Armagnac carries a 1979 vintage and was distilled primarily from Ugni Blanc, with some Baco as well, and matured in a dry cellar in Gascon oak casks. It is bottled without coloring or filtering, at cask strength. Let’s dive in.

Review #1546 | Armagnac Review #69

Distiller: Lous Mouracs

Bottler: LEncantada

Brand: LEncantada


ABV: 50.6% ABV

Age: 39 Years

Nose: Whew, this is something. Rich, woody, pungent. This reminds me very much of a date balsamic I have in the pantry. Sour apple, decadent caramel, some wood notes. Both sweet and sour at the same time.

Taste: Medium mouth feel, a bit less rich than I think I expected, but the heat is in check. This is all quickly forgotten as the flavors are pretty potent. Immediately I get fig newton filling, balsamic vinegar, rich oloroso sherry like notes and some nutty wood qualities. The bitterness tones down very quickly, becoming a fruit twist with a strong oak structure.

Finish: Oak is present here, but surprisingly holding this together well. The sweet fruits, savory balsamic character and the oak keep a tenuous balance here that keeps this from straying into ‘tannic bitter oak’ territory which is for the better. The finish wisps away cleanly without being too drying.

Overall: It’s fairly safe to say, even as someone who has drank quite a bit of Armagnac in the last couple years, this is the most unique spirit I’ve had in some time. It’s really interesting in that I sort of think this may not really appeal to many brandy drinkers, but the ones who like this profile will be super in love with it. It’s not syrupy and desserty, it’s not bourbony. It’s in its own venue, and while the crowd won’t be exceptional in size, it’ll be exceptional in attraction.

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Rank: 7

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