Lunazul Anejo

The Schtick: Aged for 18 months in white oak barrels, Lunazul Anejo, distilled by Tierra de Agaves, is an Anejo style tequila.

Review #1975 | Tequila Review #29

Distiller: Tierra de Agave

Bottler: Tierra de Agave

Brand: Lunazul


ABV: 40% ABV

Age: 18 Months

Nose: Sweet cream, honey, root bear candies, vanilla bean and toffee. Sweet on the nose, not a ton of agave character, mostly sweet barrel notes.

Taste: Thin to medium on the palate. Some agave character here – warm papaya, fresh bread, toffee and some minerality. Lots of caramel, honey, vanilla bean, light oak.

Finish: Surprisingly long finish. Lots of cocoa, earth, roasted agave sugar and some caramel.

Overall: While not amazing, Lunazul Anejo is far from rife with flaws. It’s not the most interesting Anejo on the block, but if your primary focus is mixology, this will do just fine for the $.

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Rank: 6

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