Maguey Melate Felix Harnandez Ruiz Pulquero

The Schtick: Distilled on copper in Miahuatlan, this Pulquero is produced by Felix Hernandez and marks the first Pulquero produced for and released by Maguey Melate.

Review #1801 | Mezcal Review #170

Distiller: Felix Hernandez Ruiz

Bottler: Maguey Melate



ABV: 49.1% ABV

Age: NA

Nose: Almond, fresh cut grass, minerality, a creamy sweetness, lovely floral character to pair with the sweet notes.

Taste: Bright and effervescent – light honey, bright floral qualities, almost like a lavender note. Citrus peel, mossy soil, crisp minerality. Hint of ash.

Finish: Long finish, plenty of minerality, honey, fresh grass and citrus to stay interesting and inviting.

Overall: Interesting, complex and enticing, this specific batch from Felix shows the best side of Pulquero in a flavor packed release by Maguey Melate

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Rank: 7

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