Mal Bien Antonio and Lorenzo Sonido Espadin

The Schtick: Distilled by Antonio and Lorenzo Sonido for Mal Bien, this black tape Espadin release comes from the dangerous region of Guerrero in a limited release for Agave Mixtape.

Review #2042 | Mezcal Review #210

Distiller: Sonido

Bottler: Mal Bien

Brand: Mal Bien


ABV: 47% ABV

Age: NA

Nose: Vegetal, sweet, bright – very unique for an espadin. Powerful notes of clay, minerality, vinegar and acidity.

Taste: Sweet on the palate – lovely cream sweetness, peach, pear, honey, almost a fig note here before orange zest, pepper, salinity and clay sweep in. Amazing combination of notes here that start sweet and end complex and savory – none too great or powerful to become overwhelming.

Finish: Long finish, plenty of sweetness, rising bread, white pepper and orange zest.

Overall: Insane bottling. Absolutely insane. The complexity, diversity in notes and the overall presence it has is excellent.

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Rank: 9

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