Manifest Barreled Gin

The Schtick: Ginvitational Day 7! This barrel aged gin from Manifest takes their base gin spirit and rests it in a whiskey barrel for some period of time. Information for some earlier batches is available in regards to the aging time. As a fan of the regular gin, I’m looking forward to this. Let’s dive in.

Review #1587 | Gin Review #34

Distiller: Manifest

Bottler: Manifest

Brand: Manifest


ABV: 45% ABV

Age: NAS

Nose: Bright juniper, lots of citrus peel and some nice oak. Cassia, toffee and a hint of sweet maple. Lots going on. Really bright fruit note, lemon and lime, that is super inviting.

Taste: Sweet toffee, cream, honey and a dash of cinnamon. Bright lemon and lime, hint of white pepper and orange peel. Shortcake, really crisp juniper. Decadent with a hint of floral character.

Finish: Medium finish, but lots going on. More floral here, some pine, some juniper and nice pepper. Hint of orange peel, some lavender.

Overall: This is really impressive. Rarely do I find myself more impressed with a barrel aged gin over an unrated one but this is hitting all the right notes for me. Huge fan.

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Rank: 7

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