Mezcalero #16 Madre-Cuishe

The Schtick: This is Mezcalero #16, distilled by Don Valente Angel using the Madre-Cuishe agave varietal. It was distilled at Santa Maria Pila and this agave varietal is known for its high acidity.

Review #1114 | Mezcal Review #9

Distiller: Don Valente Angel García

Bottler: Mezcalero

Brand: Mezcalero


ABV: 47.1% ABV

Age: NAS

Nose: Honey, dememera sugar. Oddly chemical – the best way is to describe it is fainly reminisceny of sharpie smell or freshly applied paint. Sweet vanilla bean, crushed stone, pineapple. Lightly sour – faint tomato note with bright and lovely citrus bouquet. Complex and interesting.

Taste: Thick and rich mouth feel. No real heat. Sweet cream, honey, apples and orange peel. Earthy and floral, lots of savory texture with the tradeoff between sweet and earthy. Minerality is high, acidity medium. That chemical note is nowhere to be found – replaced entirely with crisp minerality and crushed pineapple.

Finish: Short but loaded with flavor. Light leather, savory ash, honey, caramel and more citrus – notably orange peel and some coriander.

Overall: Really delicious offering. Complexity is intriguing and keeps the dram interesting from start to finish.

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Rank: 7

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