Mezcalero #21 Don Baltazar Cruz Gonzales Mezcal

The Schtick: Produced by Don Baltazar Cruz, this release of Mezcalero is made with Tobala, Tepeztate and Cirial. This expression was rested in glass for 22 months before bottling. Lets dive in.

Review #1196 | Mezcal Review #25

Distiller: Don Baltazar Cruz Gonzales

Bottler: Mezcalero

Brand: Mezcalero


ABV: 48% ABV

Age: NA

Nose: Sweet and floral. Clay, honey, earth salt and light smoke. Ashy smoke – not like burning wood or savory meats. Really nice floral component to the agave stank.

Taste: Medium mouth feel. Nice body. Salty, earthy, good bit of clay. Pricky ethanol, but not too hot. Leather, tobacco, savory brine.

Finish: Short in length but rich and savory. Honey, seared pears, honey, caramel, light clay and a good deal of earthy character to balance out.

Overall: Really big fan of this one – great complexity and character with flavors I love to keep me coming back for more.

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Rank: 7

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