Mezcales De Leyenda Guerrero

The Schtick: This was a bottle that I tried blind and then took a stab at guessing the provenance.

Review #983 | Mezcal Review #8

Distiller: Don Oscar Obregon, Rodolfo Obregón

Bottler: Mezcales De Leyenda

Brand: Mezcales De Leyenda


ABV: 45% ABV

Age: NAS

Nose: Vinegar, ammonia. Confectioners sugar, earthy, leather, burning rubber. Some tomato and orange essence. Not sweet, fairly sour.

Taste: Thin mouth feel, no heat. Salty, briny, earthy. Rubber and ammonia, super funky. Tomato, citrus, leather. Faintly meaty. Lightly smoky.

Finish: Medium in length, slightly smoky here also. Orange peel, vanilla, earthy, meaty and rubber forward.


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Rank: 6

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