Pierre Ferrand Reserve

The Schtick: “The Reserve bottling from Pierre Ferrand has an average age of 20 year old cognac. Their eaux-de-vie are aged in 270 liter Limousin oak barrels. As with all of their products, the grapes were sourced only from the Grande Champagne region, the highest or 1er cru. Ferrand distills its eaux-de-vie on the lees, a choice the brands can make or not. The lees (after fermentation, the wine is unfiltered and so retains the skins, stems, etc.) will capture and retain more aromas than distilling without them will impart.” – Distiller.com

Review #824 | Cognac Review #25

Distiller: Pierre Ferrand

Bottler: Pierre Ferrand

Brand: Pierre Ferrand


ABV: 40% ABV

Age: NAS

Nose: Caramel, apples, pears, honey – very sweet and sugar forward. Almost like candy.

Taste: Thick mouthfeel, sugar, honey, apples. No heat. Confectioners sugar, caramel apple candies. Mild cocoa. Overall, very crisp and sweet.

Finish: Short, mild heat, caramel and thats about it.

Overall: Really nice nose, good palate, wispy finish. Nice showing from something sporing a low ABV and a NAS labeling.

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Rank: 5

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