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Here is a complete catalogue of all r/Bourbon, Aficionados Group & Other Community Spirits selections I’m involved in.

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This will cover bourbon, rum, brandy, agave and more. For a full list of releases, historical and present, look below.

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r/Bourbon Selection Tracker Pages

Here is a collection of all selections that have been completed. Here you’ll find the week they sold (if 2022) and the tasting notes / relevant information. 2019, 2020 and 2021 are abbreviated.

Aficionados Group Selections

Aficionados Group is a diverse, enthusiast first spirits group that chats on Discord about Agave, American Whiskey, Scotch, Beer, Wine, Brandy, Cocktails and more. You can join, for free, here.

Join Aficionados Discord [LINK]

We take great join in making diverse spirits selections that, like the r/bourbon barrel program, are free to for members to access and purchase. If you love agave, brandy, rum, Scotch and more, join on up. Here’s a log of what myself and the rest of the Aficionados Group have selected so far. You can also find more information at

2022Roger Groult 21yr Calvados FOR SALE
2022L’Encantada 1992 Lassalle ArmagancSOLD OUT
2021aficionados – 5 Sentidos Ensamble 3 Magueys Atenogenes GarciaSOLD OUT
2021aficionados – Le Rocher Exclusive BottlingSOLD OUT
2021aficionados – Rezpiral Berta Vasquez Tobala-Cuishe, S5SOLD OUT
2021aficionados – Rezpiral Berta Vasquez Espadin, Cuish, TepextateSOLD OUT
2021aficionados – 5 Sentidos Alberto Martinez Sierra NegraSOLD OUT
2021aficionados – 5 Sentidos Alberto Martinez TobalaSOLD OUT
2021aficionados – Tessendier Lot 95 Through The Grapevine Petite Champagne CognacSOLD OUT
2021aficionados – r/Scotch Ballechin (Edradour) 11yr The Ultimate Whisky Company 2009 First Fill Sherry (Cask Strength)Available
2021Clairin CasimirON SALE
2021Clairin VavalON SALE
2020aficionados – XXX/Four Fiji RumSOLD OUT
2020aficionados – XXX/Five Jamaican RumAvailable
2020aficionados – XXX/Six Mauritius RumAvailable
2020aficionados – 5 Sentidos Ensamble 4 Magueys Destilado (Agave)SOLD OUT
2020aficionados – New Yarmouth NYE RumSOLD OUT
2020aficionados – Le Galion Grand Arome RumAvailable
2020aficionados – Grosperrin 1996 ArmagnacSOLD OUT
2020aficionados – Grosperrin Lot 72 CognacAvailable
2020aficionados – Grosperrin Lot 45 CognacSOLD OUT
2020aficionados – NETA TepextateSOLD OUT
2020Chattanooga Whiskey’s First Ever Single Barrel w/ Breaking Bourbon, Dads Drinking Bourbon, Bourbonr SOLD OUT
2019aficionados – Hail Yak I : Domaine del Cassou Armagnac– SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
2019aficionados – Hail Yak II: Lous Pibous Armagnac– SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
2019aficionados – XXX/Two Venezuelan Rum– SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
2019aficionados – XXX/Three Dominican Rum– SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
2019aficionados – Hampden Estate DOK Overproof– SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
2019r/scotch – Ardmore 11yr r/Scotch 2019– SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
2019r/scotch – Wardhead 22yr r/Scotch 2019SOLD OUT
2019aficionados – Jean-Luc Pasquet Lot 73 Cognac– SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
2019aficionados – Jean-Luc Pasquet Lot 92 CognacSOLD OUT
2019t8ke – Driftless Glen t8ke Bourbon Selection– SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
2019t8ke – Driftless Glen t8ke Rye Selection – SOLD OUTSOLD OUT