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Here is a complete catalogue of all r/Bourbon, Aficionados Group & Other Community Spirits selections.

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r/Bourbon Selections – FOR SALE

2021r/bourbon – Back Bone I – Mezcal Cask FinishFOR SALE TO PUBLIC

r/Bourbon Selections – COMING SOON

2021r/bourbon – Penelope r/Bourbon Blend II – The BlendWave 3

r/Bourbon Selections – ALL

redacted entries are awaiting some final piece of data required for posting

2022140Stellum Rye Serpens N4Upcoming
2022139Stellum Rye Serpens K7Upcoming
2022138Stellum Rye Rigel A7Upcoming
2022136Sagamore Spirit 7yr RyeUpcoming
2021130r/Bourbon Tumblin Dice “Cobbler & Cream” 116.22 proofSOLD OUT
2021129r/Bourbon Tumblin Dice “Loaded Dice” 118 proofSOLD OUT
2021128Yellowstone 102pf “Bourbon Is Art” Series #1SOLD OUT
2021127Knob Creek 9.5yr Single Barrel Reserve “Brain Drain”SOLD OUT
2021126Bulleit Bourbon 10yr Single Barrel “Brain Drain II”SOLD OUT
2021125Knob Creek Single Barrel BourbonUpcoming
2021124Old Pepper 4yr9mo Rye (Barrel 4, L)Upcoming
2021123Old Pepper 4yr9mo Rye (Barrel 1, O)Upcoming
2021122Starlight Tawny Port BourbonUpcoming
2021121Russell’s Reserve “Dirty K” 10yr KUpcoming
2021120Heaven’s Door Single Barrel SelectionUpcoming
2021119Westland Single Cask #2949Upcoming
2021118Westland Single Cask #2423Upcoming
2021117r/bourbon – redactedUpcoming
2021116r/bourbon – redactedUpcoming
2021115r/bourbon – redactedUpcoming
2021114r/bourbon – Luxrow / Rebel Cask StrengthSOLD OUT
2021113r/bourbon – Luxrow / Ezra Brooks Cask Strength SOLD OUT
2021112r/bourbon – redactedUpcoming
2021111r/bourbon – redactedUpcoming
2021110r/bourbon – Wild Turkey Russell’s Reserve 12yr CNAUpcoming
2021109r/bourbon – Bulleit Single Barrel BourbonUpcoming
2021108r/bourbon – Bulleit Single Barrel BourbonUpcoming
2021107r/bourbon – Starlight Armagnac BourbonUpcoming
2021106r/bourbon – Starlight Oloroso BourbonUpcoming
2021105r/bourbon – Starlight Heavy Char RyeUpcoming
2021104r/bourbon – Maker’s Mark Private SelectionUpcoming
2021103r/bourbon – Blue Note Uncut Bourbon #16032Upcoming
2021102r/bourbon – Blue Note Uncut Bourbon #16036Upcoming
2021101r/bourbon – Elijah Craig “Octane 94 II”SOLD OUT
2021100r/bourbon – Penelope r/Bourbon Blend II – Tokaji Cask FinishUpcoming
202199r/bourbon – Milam & Greene 13yrSOLD OUT
202198r/bourbon – Smooth Ambler Old Scout 5yr BourbonSOLD OUT
202197r/bourbon – Angel’s Envy Private SelectionUpcoming
202196r/bourbon – Old Forester Single Barrel Barrel Proof “Through The Forester And Flames II”Upcoming
202195r/bourbon – Nashville Barrel Company 8yr Rye #197SOLD OUT
202194r/bourbon – Nashville Barrel Company 8yr Rye #189SOLD OUT
202193r/bourbon – Nashville Barrel Company 5yr Bourbon #294SOLD OUT
202192r/bourbon – Nashville Barrel Company 5yr Bourbon #277SOLD OUT
202191r/bourbon – New Riff Single Barrel Bourbon “Riffs Of Dover II”SOLD OUT
202190r/bourbon – Westland Single Cask Single Malt #775Upcoming
202189r/bourbon – Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve Rye “Ring Of Rye”Upcoming
202188r/Bourbon – Old Elk Single Barrel Wheated Bourbon #3632 “Wheat” (Old Elk Cereal Series)SOLD OUT
202187Heaven’s Door Single Barrel “Tea Time”Upcoming
202186r/bourbon – Hughes Brothers – Belle of Bedford 9yr RyeSOLD OUT
202185r/bourbon – Yellowstone 115pf “Bourbon Is Art” Series #2SOLD OUT
202184r/bourbon – NULU 5yr Toasted Rye “Escape From Toast Hell”SOLD OUT
202183NULU 5yr Toasted Bourbon “T O A S T E D”SOLD OUT
202182NULU 5yr Toasted Rye “Seeing Double” SetSOLD OUT
202181r/bourbon – NULU 7yr Straight Rye “Top Shelf Rye”SOLD OUT
202180r/bourbon – Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve RyeUpcoming
202179r/bourbon – Starlight VII – VdN (Vino de Naranja) Cask FinishSOLD OUT
202178r/bourbon – Starlight VI – Straight Rye WhiskeySOLD OUT
202177r/bourbon – Starlight IV – Ambriana “Cigar Blend” Cask FinishSOLD OUT
202176r/bourbon – Starlight III – 2004 Essencia Tokaji Cask FinishUpcoming
202175r/bourbon – Back Bone I – Straight 7yr Bourbon “Bourbon Is Art Series III”Upcoming
202174r/bourbon – Back Bone III – 6yr Straight Rye “Brain Drain IV”Upcoming
202173r/bourbon – Taconic Distillery Straight BourbonSOLD OUT
202172r/Bourbon – Old Elk Single Barrel Bourbon #1508 “Bourbon Smacks” (Old Elk Cereal Series)SOLD OUT
202171r/Bourbon – Old Elk Single Barrel Wheated Bourbon #518 “Elk” (Old Elk Cereal Series)SOLD OUT
202170r/bourbon – Blue Note #15034 BourbonSOLD OUT
202168r/bourbon – Taconic Distillery Straight BourbonSOLD OUT
202167r/bourbon – Three Chord 7yr Kentucky Straight BourbonUpcoming
202166r/bourbon – Sagamore Spirit Straight Rye WhiskeySOLD OUT
202164r/bourbon – Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel BourbonSOLD OUT
202163r/bourbon – NULU 6.5yr Bourbon “High Rye Heavyweight”SOLD OUT
202162r/bourbon – Starlight II – GlenDronach Cask FinishUpcoming
202161r/bourbon – Bulleit Single Barrel “The Other Side”Upcoming
202160r/bourbon – Bulleit Single Barrel “Best In Show”Upcoming
202159r/bourbon – Back Bone I – Mezcal Cask FinishUpcoming
202058t8ke – Woodford Reserve Single BatchSOLD OUT
202157r/bourbon – NULU Single Barrel Bourbon ISOLD OUT
202155r/bourbon – Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Barrel Proof III “Espresso Bar / Tha Funky One”SOLD OUT
202154r/bourbon – Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Barrel Proof II “Tennessee Classic / Nuclear Nanner”SOLD OUT
202153r/bourbon – Stellum Spirits Bourbon Lyra E7SOLD OUT
202152r/bourbon – Whistle Pig Single Barrel Cask Strength Rye “Life In The Spice Lane”SOLD OUT
202151r/bourbon – Whistle Pig Single Barrel Cask Strength Rye “Food Court Cinnabon”SOLD OUT
202150r/bourbon – Whistle Pig Single Barrel Cask Strength Rye “Side of Bacon”SOLD OUT
202149r/bourbon – Whistle Pig Single Barrel Cask Strength Rye “Pancake Breakfast”SOLD OUT
202148r/bourbon – Old Elk III Single Barrel Wheat WhiskeyUpcoming
202147r/bourbon – Knob Creek Single Barrel Rye “Brain Drain III”SOLD OUT
202146r/bourbon – Elijah Craig 9yr Barrel Proof SelectionUpcoming
202145r/bourbon – Wild Turkey Kentucky SpiritSOLD OUT
202144r/bourbon – Old Forester Single Barrel Barrel Proof “Through The Forester And Flames”SOLD OUT
202143r/bourbon – New Riff “Riffs of Dover”SOLD OUT
202142r/bourbon – Elijah Craig Single Barrel “Octane 47”SOLD OUT
202141r/bourbon – Bulleit Single Barrel II – “Shelbyville Surprise”SOLD OUT
202140r/bourbon – Bulleit Single Barrel I – “Y’all Like Ludacris?”SOLD OUT
202139r/bourbon – Four Roses Private Selection OBSK 9yr4moSOLD OUT
202138r/bourbon – Pinhook Exclusive BlendSOLD OUT
202137r/bourbon – Wilderness Trail Single Barrel RyeSOLD OUT
202135r/bourbon – Bulleit Single Barrel “The Boston Scally”Upcoming
202134r/bourbon – Whistle Pig Single Barrel Cask Strength Rye “Ready To Drink”SOLD OUT
202133r/bourbon – Starlight I (#16232)SOLD OUT
202132r/bourbon – Starlight V – Double Oaked Bourbon (French Oak)SOLD OUT
202130r/bourbon – Riverset #14998 RyeSOLD OUT
202129r/bourbon – Blue Note #15066 BourbonSOLD OUT
202128r/bourbon – Blue Note #15036 BourbonSOLD OUT
202125r/bourbon – Barrell Craft Sprits Single BarrelSOLD OUT
202124r/bourbon – Stellum Spirits Bourbon Cygnus B5SOLD OUT
202120r/bourbon – Nashville Barrel Company “Vaporwave Flav”SOLD OUT
202118r/bourbon – Wilderness Trail Single Barrel RyeSOLD OUT
202116r/bourbon – New Riff “Diamond in the Riff” IIISOLD OUT
202115r/bourbon – Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Barrel ProofSOLD OUT
202114r/bourbon – Penelope r/Bourbon Blend II – French Oak FinishUpcoming
202113r/bourbon – Penelope r/Bourbon Blend II – Toasted FinishUpcoming
202112r/bourbon – Penelope r/Bourbon Blend II – The BlendON SALE
202111r/bourbon – Whistle Pig 15.5yr Rye “Whistle Missile”SOLD OUT
202110r/bourbon – Knob Creek “Brown Sugar Bonanza” Single Barrel Reserve BourbonSOLD OUT
20209r/bourbon -Elijah Craig Single Barrel BourbonSOLD OUT
20208r/bourbon – Smooth Ambler Old Scout #2SOLD OUT
20207r/bourbon – Smooth Ambler Old Scout #1SOLD OUT
20206r/bourbon –New Riff “Diamond in the Riff IISOLD OUT
20205r/bourbon –Russells Reserve “Dessert Parlor”SOLD OUT
20204r/bourbon –Russells Reserve “Fruit Stand”SOLD OUT
20203r/bourbon – Penelope r/Bourbon BlendSOLD OUT
20202r/bourbon -Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve “Course Marshall Noe”SOLD OUT
20191r/bourbon –New Riff r/Bourbon “Diamond in the Riff”SOLD OUT


2021aficionados – Le Rocher Exclusive BottlingSOLD OUT
2021aficionados – Rezpiral Berta Vasquez Tobala-Cuishe, S5Available
2021aficionados – Rezpiral Berta Vasquez Espadin, Cuish, TepextateAvailable
2021aficionados – 5 Sentidos Alberto Martinez Sierra NegraAvailable
2021aficionados – 5 Sentidos Alberto Martinez TobalaAvailable
2021aficionados – Tessendier Lot 95 Through The Grapevine Petite Champagne CognacAvailable
2021aficionados – r/Scotch Ballechin (Edradour) 11yr The Ultimate Whisky Company 2009 First Fill Sherry (Cask Strength)Available
2021aficionados – rum 21-002Upcoming
2021aficionados – rum 21-003Upcoming
2020aficionados – XXX/Four Fiji RumSOLD OUT
2020aficionados – XXX/Five Jamaican RumAvailable
2020aficionados – XXX/Six Mauritius RumAvailable
2020aficionados – 5 Sentidos Ensamble 4 Magueys Destilado (Agave)SOLD OUT
2020aficionados – New Yarmouth NYE RumAvailable
2020aficionados – Le Galion Grand Arome RumAvailable
2020aficionados – Grosperrin 1996 ArmagnacSOLD OUT
2020aficionados – Grosperrin Lot 72 CognacAvailable
2020aficionados – Grosperrin Lot 45 CognacAvailable
2020aficionados – NETA TepextateAvailable
2020Chattanooga Whiskey’s First Ever Single Barrel w/ Breaking Bourbon, Dads Drinking Bourbon, Bourbonr SOLD OUT
2019aficionados – Hail Yak I : Domaine del Cassou Armagnac– SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
2019aficionados – Hail Yak II: Lous Pibous Armagnac– SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
2019aficionados – XXX/Two Venezuelan Rum– SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
2019aficionados – XXX/Three Dominican Rum– SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
2019aficionados – Hampden Estate DOK Overproof– SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
2019r/scotch – Ardmore 11yr r/Scotch 2019– SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
2019r/scotch – Wardhead 22yr r/Scotch 2019FOR SALE
2019aficionados – Jean-Luc Pasquet Lot 73 Cognac– SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
2019aficionados – Jean-Luc Pasquet Lot 92 CognacSOLD OUT
2019t8ke – Driftless Glen t8ke Bourbon Selection– SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
2019t8ke – Driftless Glen t8ke Rye Selection – SOLD OUTSOLD OUT