Manifest Whiskey Project

The Manifest Whiskey Project dates back to 2016 as a collaboration between Manifest Distilling and Bourbonr. This project was has morphed over the years with another release in 2021 as a collaboration with Seelbach’s. But, there was always something about that original 10-year, high-rye bourbon from the first release. Thankfully, after an 8-year wait, we were able to track down more barrels! Partnered with Jay West, better known across the internet as T8ke, from Whiskey Raiders and more.

The final product is a balance of aged oak, dried fruit and amplified spice.

The Manifest Whiskey Project was an early concept thought up by the founders as a secondary line of spirit that could bring unique, quality sourced whiskey to market. Every year we will release a new selection of barrels that will range across the whiskey gamut.

Age: 10-Years

Blend: Three Barrels

Source: MGPi Distillery

Mash Bill: 60/36/4 Corn/Rye/Malted Barley

Proof: 107 proof

Purchase: Seelbach’s – Available Now