Privateer Distillers Drawer Single Cask: Harvest Nectar P33

The Schtick: This is a Privateer Single Cask referred to as Harvest Nectar. It is matured in third fill Four Roses casks.

Review #855 | Rum Review #36

Distiller: Privateer

Bottler: Privateer

Brand: Privateer


ABV: 47.4% ABV

Age: 2 Years

Nose: Honey, oranges, bubble gum, vanilla. Pepper. Not super robust, or complex, but pleasant.

Taste: Thin, no real heat. Low proof, for sure. Confectioners sugar, orange peel, pepper, vanilla cream, lemon lime, cake.

Finish: Short, rich oak (surprising), nice clove. Good spice here. Balances well against the substantial sweet in the palate.

Overall: Enjoyable, but a bit young, the mouthfeel could use some work and Id like to see some more cooperation between the palate and the finish. No major complaints, though.

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Rank: 4

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