Rezpiral Berta Vasquez Tobala Cuish

The Schtick: Distilled by the veritable Maestra Berta Vasquez, this ensamble combines Cuixe and Tobala – two varietals I haven’t had much of from Berta. Produced using two runs on a copper alambique, this bottling was made for Rezpiral and bottled as part of Series 5 in July of 2019.

Review #1796 | Mezcal Review #165

Distiller: Berta Vasquez

Bottler: Rezpiral

Brand: Rezpiral


ABV: 48% ABV

Age: NA

Nose: Bright and effervescent! Fruity, delightful, rich. Soil, lemon curd, melon and lime, papaya and berries. Vanilla bean, pepper and some clay.

Taste: Fruity at first before a great vein of smoke character steps in. Clay, faint ash, some honey, and mineralogy balance to form a sweet and smoky bond.

Finish: Dry and mineral forward, this transforms to a crisp finish that balances complexity and fruit character.

Overall: I love this bottling, with Berta’s hand consistently showing her skill and passion. This fruit bomb transforms beautifully into a dry mineral heavy finish that is sweet, savory and everything in between.

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Rank: 8

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