Tanqueray Sevilla Orange

The Schtick: This orange flavored gin comes to us from Tanqueray. It’s worth noting here that there’s some legitimate flavoring involved – some sugar as well, so gin purists may want to take note. Otherwise, I’m a fan of what Tanqueray generally releases, so I’m curious how this turned out. 2.5g carbs per 1.5oz for the carb minded folks like myself.

Review #1987 | Gin Review #83

Distiller: Tanqueray

Bottler: Tanqueray

Brand: Tanqueray


ABV: 41.3% ABV

Age: NA

Nose: Clean orange essence, honey, light confectioners sugar, some juniper and coriander. Not too sweet.

Taste: Ok, there’s the sweetness. Definitely sweet, although not syrupy or cloying. Juniper kind of gets buried here, tons of orange essence, honey, some pepper and a light minerality.

Finish: Long finish – more orange, pepper, some zest and sugar.

Overall: This sort of tastes the sweeter it goes on. I like it – a natural sweetness – but it’s definitely sweet. Fans of traditional, dry gins will want to leave this on the bar cart for cocktail duty only.

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Rank: 5

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