Who’s Jay?

Hey guys. I’m Jay – better known as t8ke. In 2015, I began writing about spirits. In 2020, my site – t8ke.review – was acquired by Abrams Media. I am the Managing Editor and Spirits Critic for Whiskey Raiders.

Outside of whiskey, I am an enthusiast in rum, brandy, agave spirits, gin and craft beer. Of course, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a chance to learn more about any of these things. I find wine to be exceptionally interesting. Writing about the spirits world is my passion. Sharing information with people through the complexity and fascination of distillation and fermentation is my greatest joy.

When I’m not writing for Raiders, I’m making selections with Aficionados Group, I’m hosting live streams with notable industry folks at Weekly Whiskey, or I’m helping to consult with brands, producers and retail outlets to help elevate the world of spirits – nationally and internationally.

If you’re curious about what I do, have something you’d like me to review or are interested in discussing an opportunity, don’t hesitate to Contact Me. I’ve popped up in this and that over the years, so feel free to also check out where I’ve made Appearances.