You may notice that I have a lot of glassware. Here is a log of all the glassware I have and use for reviews, and which spirit I prefer with each.


The preferred spirits glass for enthusiasts and tasters alike when drinking American Whiskey, Rye, Scotch and other whiskeys. I find this agreeable, and always review Bourbon, Rye, American Single Malts, International Whiskey and Scotch Whiskey from the Glencairn Glass.

glencairn whiskey glass with wb saffel bourbon whiskey

Canadian Glencairn

A much wider, sturdier, more elongated glass, the Canadian glassware is nice for more casual drinking, and is also large enough to accommodate an ice cube, if desired. Most prefer whiskey from the Canadian Glencairn, although many Brandys should be enjoyable from this as well. The Canadian Glencairn is not a default glassware choice for any reviews that I do.

canadian glencairn whiskey glass with knob creek rye whiskey

Rastal Harmony

Rastal Harmony is a line of glasses manufactured by Rastal. This is the Spirits/Cognac version. I like it best with gin, some brandies and occasionally a more aromatic Scotch whiskey.

rastal harmony wine and spirits glass with great lakes distillery rehorst gin


This flared stemmed glass is peak brandy drinking – namely Cognac and Armagnac. A bit on the heavy side, it still makes for enjoyable drinking, especially for something you plan drink less and sip more (1962 Pasquet, anyone?)

stolzle lausitz cognac glass with jean-luc pasquet brandy

Neat Taster

A uniquely shaped glass, this looks like a cross between a highball and a Glencairn. Unfortunately currently plagued by plenty of QC issues (bubbles in the glass, anyone), these are great glasses, if you can get a good one. I like higher proof bourbon and rye, as well as most American Single Malts from a glass like this.

neat whiskey glass with pinhook bourbon

Spey Dram

What is this, a dram for ants? This small, slightly tuliped glass is really interesting. Most people prefer it for bourbon, but I like pours of bourbon to be a bit bigger. I’m a big fan of gin and agave spirits neat from this glass, as you can taste through a bit and get plenty of aromatics without needing a voluminous pour from other Agave focused glasses.

spey dram whiskey glass with george t stagg bourbon whiskey

Spigleau Willseberger Anniversary Brandy

This preposterous shaped glass is actually a real treat for all sorts of spirits. I’m LOVING bourbon and rye from it, as well as brandies of all kinds and even some tequilas. It’s bottom heavy and easy to swish, and the nose is delivered really well, without making for a laborious drinking experience.

spigleau willesberger cognac glass with single cask nation scotch clynelish whiskey

Riedel Vinum Cognac Hennessy Glass

This stemmed, tulip style glass has significantly more volume than the Rastal Harmony, or the Stolzle. Priced a bit higher, this also delivers a bit better, allowing for a bit better nosing and drinking. I prefer to drink scotch and brandy from this style glass.

Denver & Liely Gin Glass

This flared glass is billed especially for gin drinking. Engineered to deliver the bouquet of a great gin without bombing your senses with juniper, this does exactly that and doubles as an excellent cocktail glass as well. You can drink whiskey from it in a pinch, too, but I’d probably still pick a Glencairn.

denver liely gin glass

Denver & Liely Agave Glass

Uniquely shaped and born out of tireless engineering, the hardworking minds at Denver and Liely produced this glass to both tame and accentuate the various aspects of Agave spirits that have troubled other, more pedestrian, glassware. I’m a big fan of using this with all kinds of Agave.

denver liely agave glass with mezcal


A more traditional drinking vessel with some history rooted in the church, this no frills solid glass glass is lightly flared outward, but without any tulip shape. Great for tasting on the go, it’s solid enough to hold up in a backpack or travel bag (unlike just about any of the stemware above). I prefer this for rum, Agave or some gins, usually when traveling.

veladora spirits glass with single cask nation mezcal fidencio

Clay Copita

Clay copitas are more traditional drinking vessels native to Mexico and the hardworking mezcaleros who distill there. Glazed or unglazed, shallow and bowl shaped, this glass helps vapors disperse a bit easier, while allowing for easy drinking.

Glass Copita

Glass copitas are essentially the same shape and function as a clay copita, but made of, well, glass. The different texture may be preferable to some drinkers.

Stone Copita

Much like a clay or glass copita, this glass serves the same purpose, with a similar architecture. The stone is especially nice on the lips, as it maintains a cool feel.

Stemmed Copita

Sporting a nice stem with a fairly restrictive opening, the stemmed copita is great for aged spirits with a nose you want to concentrate. Works best with whiskey, aged rums and some tequilas.

Rocks Glass

The quintessential drinking glass, available at pretty much any restaurant, bar or supply store in the world. Usually slightly widened at the top or straight edged, this glass is common for neat pours, water or cocktails alike. Nothing is bad from a rocks glass.