r/Bourbon 2024 Custom Aged & Ore Kits

These kits, frankly, are the shit. I used to throw glass bottles, flasks and bottles in my luggage like an absolute neanderthal and hope for the best. Sometimes they broke, they leaked, they were always a pain and a mess. Aged & Ore’s kit has been a mainstay in my bag every time I travel.

It is solid and premium construction, the packaging is sleek and always fits in the nooks or crannies of my bags, and I’ve not had a single leak. I was on more than 60 flights last year and I’m pacing to come in about the same this year. Not a single issue.

These kits are TSA compatible so they can go in your CARRY ON or CHECKED luggage with no hassle. TSA doesn’t even bat an eye. The days of hoping my hotel has a good bar or hoping that glass flask next to my only spare pair of underwear for the week survives are gone.

I use these to bring whiskeys with me to enjoy, samples I need to finish reviewing for Raiders, barrel samples for our program here, and I’ve even used them to bring samples from prospective distilleries back home for final notes and proofing. The whole feature list: 

  • 3oz max capacity per bottle (TSA Travel Compliant – more info)
  • Customized for r/Bourbon with our new 2024 logo and their new custom smooth touch packaging. 
  • Protective Travel Case with Carry Loop
  • Measurement Indicators on each bottle
  • Silicone Sleeve on each bottle for aesthetics and additional protection
  • Labeling Window (clear so you can also tell fill volume)
  • Glass Marker Included
  • Wide Mouth for easy filling
  • 2 Cigars can be stored vertically if 2 bottles removed
  • Ships in their official retail packaging.