2021 – r/bourbon – Starlight Straight Rye Whiskey

Year: 2021 by t8ke

Info: 17228, 4 Years, Straight Rye, 57.4% ABV

Notes: This cask came from a block of new Canton barrels that were designed to help showcase the effects of their rye mash, and their new barrel experiment. I tasted through all 6 of these with the other Founders on our first day at Starlight and foolishly didn’t take this barrel. It haunted me for the 3 days between our first visit and our next planned visit. First thing out of my mouth when we got there for day #2 was “I NEED THIS RYE” and thankfully they hadn’t let anyone else taste it between our trips. Christian told me he knew I’d come back and I’m glad he did. It’s the most interesting rye you’ll drink all year. It’s not MGP, it’s not KY, it’s not anything I’ve had before. Wild spicy caramel and this huge floral bouquet of lavendar, lily, tobacco, papaya, sweet apple pie and this rich, clove and root beer finish. Oak is light, holds the sweet in check, and back seat to that rye spice. 

Additional Info: Starlight’s breaking into the finish game as of late, but their bread and butter is still a well made whiskey. This rye cask captivated me on two different trips, I foolishly left it uncommitted my first day there, so when I was back 48 hours later…I knew I couldn’t make the same mistake twice.