r/Bourbon – 2021 Backbone 5yr #S121 – Mezcal Finish

Design: t8ke

Year: 2021 by t8ke, WhiskeyCurator, G-List

Info: Barrel #S121, Distilled 5/2016, Bottled September 2021, 58.5% ABV

Notes: Big and bold up front: baking spice, toffee, honey and cream. On the nose, it’s all dessert notes all day long. On the palate, this bourbon’s big and chewy, lots of viscosity. Praline, toffee, honey, some interesting roasted agave syrup sweetness. Pepper and clove to balance. Long finish that’s got some extra barrel char, honey, light agave sweetness, bright fruits and almond. The mezcal influence is faintly present but well integrated, it’s not too bold and powerful and helps bring out this sweet, fruity character in the malt. Don’t sleep on one of the most interesting barrels we picked this year!

Additional Info: Selected alongside Backbone Straight Bourbon “Bourbon Is Art III” and Backbone Straight Rye “Brain Drain IV”