r/Bourbon 2021 – Blue Note Bourbon #15034

Year: 2021 by t8ke

Info: Barrel #15034. 115.9pf, 3.5 Years Old

Retailer: Green Farms Spirits

Notes: If you thought that our first Blue Note was an Old Fashioned in a bottle, you’re gonna love this one. Much more fruity than the first, notes of orange and cherry hit big at first, followed by caramel, some honey, light barrel char and a touch of pepper. It’s a fruit salad all the way, and is the most unique Blue Note I’ve had so far. Long finish, has all the complexity you’d expect from a much older bourbon.

Additional Info: A follow up to the success of our first three Big River Distilling barrels (Blue Note #15036, Blue Note #15066, Riverset Rye #14998), this barrel continues that orange peel and Old Fashioned trend. There’s just something about the distillate here that adds some great fruitiness into the mix that I can’t get enough of.