r/bourbon – 2021 Bulleit Single Barrel “The Boston Scally”

Year: 2021 by t8ke, TheBourbonFinder, The Boston Scally

Info: Barrel #2-B3-0617, 52% ABV, 11 Years Old, #3 Strawberry Yeast

Notes: Selected in partnership between Weekly Whiskey & The Boston Scally hat company

Info: The first ever collaboration barrel between Weekly Whiskey & The Boston Scally Hat Co, this Bulleit Single barrel is a bruiser of flavor and excellence. Hosts John & Jay welcomed Boston Scally founder Mike Arone to the studio to sit down and enjoy a few drinks, sample a variety of barrels and chat all things hats and drams. Their selection is an 11yr single barrel from Bulleit, and features notes of pound cake, bold clove and pepper, rich honey and tobacco and a dollop of sweet vanilla cream to top it all off. Each bottle comes with a custom designed Scally sticker applied and an information hang tag to stand out in your cupboard or collection.

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