r/Bourbon 2021 Four Roses Private Selection OBSK 9yr4mo

Year: 2021 by t8ke, G-List, Bradbobaggins, xreekinghavocx, WhiskeyCurator

Info: Barrel #0721 — OBSK 9yr4mo — QN-10-3V

Retailer: Green Farms Spirits


Additional Info: Selected completely blind with Brent Elliot at Four Roses on May 29th, 2021.

About a week before the selection date, Mandy let me know there was a scheduling toss up – she’d need to be out of office that day. Disappointing, but then she let me know that Brent would be doing our barrel selection with us if we’d like (uh, duh!) if we could bump the schedule up a little bit. We agreed to hustle through our ECBP pick in the morning to make it to Four Roses about an hour earlier than originally planned.

That’s exactly what we did. It turned out to be a downpour kind of rain day at Heaven Hill so we skipped touring the grounds and got right to tasting. When we got to Four Roses, though, there was a surprise. We let the security guard know we were there for our tasting but he told us he had just let our group in. We were pretty confused – we were all in one car. Turns out, their morning pick showed up hella late.

As a result, we spoke to Brent and Four Roses came through big time. He offered us some VIP and behind the scenes touring and tasting while we waiting for our selection which would now be back in an afternoon time slot.

As a result, we spent about 2.5 hours touring Roses, all of their facilities including the new bottling line, and tasting some incredible single barrels that were being marked for this fall’s LE components. We spent time talking to staff, their QA department, hearing some stories about Brent, the team, Kirin and more and got to ask a lot of questions. Standouts from before our pick were an 18yr OBSF that was absolutely poppin’.

A couple hours later we got the call via walkie talkie – Brent was ready for us. Mandy made sure to roll out all 10 recipes for us that day, so it was a real day of work to narrow down a couple favorites. We sampled, tasted, discussed and chose completely blind, in the end it was revealed we selected a 9yr4mo OBSK with a 10yr OBSQ coming up right behind it.