r/bourbon – 2021 – Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve “Vaporwave Flav II”

Year: Distilled on 2/14/2012 and Bottled on 8/20/2021

Info: Warehouse X, Floor 4, Rick 057

Notes: It’s funky, it’s fun, it’s the return of Vaporwave Flav! A great follow up to the first chapter of the series: a maple hound of an MGP rye through NBC, this Knob Creek Bourbon single barrel is an evangelist that a 9.5yr barrel for less than $10/yr can be lights out. Rich cream, nougat, clover honey and cinnamon. Touch of nutmeg, big peanut brittle candies, payday bar, butterscotch and a long, creme brulee finish. 60% ABV is never not a great choice, with the palate presenting itself as a syrupy, rich, decadent caramel candybar.