r/Bourbon 2021 – NULU 4.5yr Toasted Rye “Escape From Toast Hell”

Design: WhiskeyCurator

Year: 2021 by t8ke, WhiskeyCurator, G-List, Bradbobaggins

Info: Barrel R75T, 60.1% ABV, 142 Bottles

Retailer: SharedPour

Release Time: 4pm Central, 7.20.2021

Notes: Big buttery texture up front, rye spice trails right behind. Berry, vanilla bean, honey, toffee and some clove and pepper. Light marshmallow character, sweet and creamy. Bold pepper on the back palate. Long finish, moderate mouthfeel and big powerful rye notes. They’re softened slightly by the toast, but it works well, transitioning from sweet to spicier with each sip.

Additional Info: There’s no doubt that toasted barrels are becoming a huge trend in the whiskey industry right now. They’ve been used for decades in the wine industry. The key with toasting barrels and using them for a secondary finishes is to make sure you mature for just the right amount of time. Mature for too short and you end up with some nasty, funky bourbon or rye. Mature too long, and it’s too far gone – lost to Toast Hell.

This 4.5yr Rye whiskey from MGP was finished for just under a month in a toasted barrel and represents perfect timing. A roasty, toasty, rye with boisterous character and a long, sweet finish. This is: Escape From Toast Hell. Dumped and bottled at barrel proof, not a moment too soon.