r/Bourbon 2021 Old Forester Single Barrel Barrel Proof “Through The Forester And Flames”

Design by Denver Gravitt (reddit user: u/johnathanfootball)

Year: 2021 by t8ke

Info: Barrel #5500 (8/31/2016 — B-4) 66.6% ABV


Notes: Sticky toffee, waffle batter, pie crust, cherry cordial and cream. So rich on the nose, reminds me of straight cherry pie. On the palate there’s a hefty viscosity, rich mouth feel, creme brulee and butter cream. Certainly some ethanol, not punishing. Cherry cordial candies, light blackberry, minimal banana. It’s a total dessert and berry bomb with creme brulee, icing, pepper and cherry on the finish.

Additional Info: This barrel shone greatly in the sampling. I actually tried to take two barrels from this lot but Old Forester has these on tight allocation. Ultimately this barrel won out due to that awesome cordial cherry character and it’s impressive drinkability – even at 66.6% ABV.